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The Webmaster of this site, NEVER pays full subscription prices on magazines!  She actually makes 
a game out of finding the very lowest prices and rarely even considers the subscription renewals 
she receives in the mail!   There are SO many ways to save money on your magazines!

First, go to and sign up for the "daily alerts".  Each day you will get  an email listing all the closeouts and dirt-cheap deals of the day on many types of products from major companies as well as magazine subscriptions.   

Just this month she was able to get her Oprah magazine renewed for another year for just $5 
(the renewal letter that had came in the mail wanted $18)!  Also Readers Digest was up for renewal 
for $ much did she pay?  $6.50!!  These deals are great for ordering as gifts as well!

Another good site would be which is much like "Brads Deals" but also has great rates on magazines! monitors subscription rates for more than 2,500 magazines sold through two dozen online merchants. 

SAVE MONEY ON BOOKS!                (For college textbooks, see the "Educational Resources"                                                                                          under "Cool Links" webpage on the Home Page!)

At, you can read great fiction for FREE by authors like Lewis Carroll, the Bronte sisters (Anne, Charlotte and Emily), Jack London, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens and many others.

You can download, lend & borrow Kindle books at 

At, you can browse online encyclopedia, dictionaries, books of quotations, FREE public records and many, many more great sites! allows you to 
download e-books, provided that your library is one of 15,000 that use the service.  All you need
to start borrowing is a library card.  

And remember!  If you call or email your local library with the names of the books you want to read (especially the new best-sellers!) the librarian will order them for you from other libraries if need be.  Many libraries have links set up where you can do the ordering yourself!  You may have to wait a 
week or two, but you can read the books for FREE!  

Swap your used paperbacks on  OR (you can also donate them to the troops...look on our "Services for Active-Duty Personnel" page).  Also (similar to Netflix, only for books!), and

Half-Price Books will buy anything printed or recorded---hardbacks, paperbacks, magazines, CDs, LPs, cassettes, videos, DVDs, audio books, comic books, yearbooks, children's books, video games, board games and more.  Whether its new or used, a best-seller or an old classic, they will buy it from you!   Go to   While they are not in every state, if you are traveling to one of the areas they are located, you may want to take some things to sell along and make a pit stop! offers FREE audio versions of titles that have entered the public domain, as do and  The site is organized by genre and the site provides reading in 25 languages!  The site has 
more than 40,000 public-domain works & classics.  

Also, free audiobooks can be found at, a worldwide digital library with more than 4,000 unabridged classics in the public domain.  They can be played on your computer, MP3 player, cellphone or burned to a CD.  Free audiobooks are also available through 
and aggregates free cultural and educational material, from audiobooks to university lectures, panels, and musical performances.  The site also offers links to lessons or courses in everything from Spanish to archaeology to law. features newly created stories called "iSoaps" which are performed by 
groups of actors.  Create an account and the site will deliver these "modern-day radio dramas" 
to your iPod, iPad, computer or smartphone. 

At this site,, the site site will instantly tell you who's offering top dollar 
for the particular book you are offering to sell!  Simply enter your fiction, non-fiction and school textbooks ISBN number (its the 10-13 number on on the back).   This site scouts the OTHER sites 
for you! combines social networking with reading.  The site encourages members 
to share books by affixing trackable labels and leaving the books at face's or parks, where other
members can pick them up.  Once you register, you can search online for pickup locations near you!

Read true stories of people who caught a glimpse of heaven at  
Read stories of hope and faith at  And get inspirational sayings that will motivate you to be the best you can be at

Download a FREE audiobook at ! now offers its own eBookstore and you can download FREE versions of classic novels to your smartphone, eBook reader or computer.  Simply log on, scroll 
down to "best of the free" and choose your book from their large selection!

Many local libraries now offer e-books for the borrower on readers like the Nook and the Sony 
Reader and you can usually find these right on the library's website, saving you a trip!  If you 
have a Kindle, visit  OR for up to date lists of FREE downloads including "flash sales" that offer select new releases by best-selling authors FREE 
for up to 24 hours!  Also (search for "free Nook books") and  

Also see the AMAZON listing above & below! 


Score a deep discount with outlet prices on things like DVDs, Video Games (and books) etc.
 at  OR   See Brad's Deals and Tanga above also! (search for "free mp3 downloads" in the mp3 music department.  (open iTunes, click "iTunes store", then "free" on the right-hand menu). (after you join for free, simply choose songs you like, then click the "download "button that appears next to them). 

AMAZON has a trade-in program that swaps Amazon credit for used books, video games, 
DVD's, electronics like old iPods, and CD's!  At the site just type in an artist or album name 
to see the offer price.  Once you accept the offer, Amazon provides a free UPS mailing label 
and deposits credit in your account once it receives the goods.  Go to

Another site is

You can also trade-in your old, unwatched DVD's try out the 
form listing the CDs or DVDs you have.  They'll email you to let you know how much they'll 
pay for them.  Then send them in and you'll get a check back in the mail.  Also,!


Both Best Buy and GameStop stock pre-owned video games and gadgets and give store credit 
for old ones!  Best Buy will also buy your musical instruments, video games and select electronics
if you take them into a participating store and give you a gift card for the products estimated value
or a check for a lesser value!

Visit esale sites such as OR  Also and and

Barter for FREE at  


Visit and in-person swaps at

Search for printable toy and game coupons at and Hasbro 
Play Saver at

This page was last updated: May 6, 2017
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