(Free or Low-Cost)

You will also want to check under the following webpages for more 
specialized Emergency or Transitional Housing Resources!

Crisis Pregnancy & Pregnancy Resources 
Domestic Abuse 
Foster Youth Resources
Hospice Resources
Immigration Resources 
Mental Health & Substance Abuse Resources
Parolee Resources
Runaway Resources 
Veteran Resources 




Wayne County Shelter Referrals                                                             
Call   2-1-1  (United Way)                               

Main Office / Southwest Solutions – 
Housing Resource Center
1600 Porter 
Detroit, MI  48216
Phone: 313-963-6601   Call Center: 313-305-0311
Email: camdetroit@swsol.org
Website: http://www.camdetroit.org/about-us
As the Detroit Continuum of Care (CoC) lead agency, 
the Homeless Action Network of Detroit (HAND) is 
responsible for developing a coordinated entry process 
for the Detroit CoC. Southwest Solutions serves as the 
lead agency for implementation of the CAM (Detroit’s 
coordinated entry process), in partnership with Com-
munity and Home Supports (CHS) and Neighborhood 
Service Organization (NSO).
The process directs households in need of homeless 
assistance to a common access point where they are 
assessed using a universal screening and subsequently, 
a common assessment tool. Based on the thorough 
assessment, consumers may be referred to a housing 
resource when vacancies occur.

11745 Rosa Parks Blvd.
Detroit, MI  48206  
Phone: 313-883-2277  
Website: https://casscommunity.org
If you would like a referral to one of our emergency 
shelters,please call the Coordinated Assessment 
Model (CAM) information line at 313-305-0311 
(recorded message). See Above!!
Warming Center: 
Open to women and children nightly from November 
15 to March 31 to families with children and to adult 
Emergency Shelter: 
Open year round to families with children children 
for up to 90 days.
Rotating Shelters: 
Open for adults between November and April. Local 
organizations, usually churches, host Cass clients
for a week. The church provides dinner, a clean place
to sleep, breakfast, and a bagged lunch. 
Permanent Supportive Housing: 
Individuals can stay in an apartment indefinitely.  

The NOAH Project 
Central United Methodist Church
23 E Adams Ave.
Detroit, MI  48226
Phone: 313-965-5422
Email: info@noahprojectdetroit.org
Website: www.noahprojectdetroit.org
The mission of the NOAH Project is to empower 
low-income and homeless Detroiter's to achieve 
stability by serving as the first step on the journey 
to self sufficiency.The NOAH Project operates a 
Community Center in downtown Detroit for people 
living on the streets. Offering lunch four days a week, 
one-on-one social services, physical health counseling, 
empowerment-based programming, and emergency 
needs, we strive to build a family support system for 
those who come to us.

The Pope Francis Center
438 St. Antoine  
Detroit, MI  48226
Phone: 313-964-2823
Email: info@popefranciscenter.org
Website: www.popefranciscenter.org
On an average day, we welcome over 170 guests and serve as many nutritious meals.This Center is now equipped with a state-of- the-art kitchen and laundry facilities as well as updated showers, restrooms and shaving stations. The center also offers guests a series of free clinics including legal, medical, den-
tal and podiatry services.
Today, the Center continues to grow and expand its services.The number of guests we assist each day has increased, and so has the scope of services and tools we provide to help reverse a person’s homeless status.
Free clinics are available to all Pope Francis Center guests on a rotating basis.
They include:

Ruth Ellis Center
77 Victor 
Highland Park, MI  48203
Email: info@ruthelliscenter.org
Website: https://www.ruthelliscenter.org
For Housing Contact: 
Dr. Staci Hirsch  Director of Residential Programs
Phone 313-252-1950 
Email: staci.hirsch@ruthelliscenter.org
Ruth’s House, REC’s Intensive Treatment Unit (ITU) is a licensed and cont-
racted 9-bed residential care facility specifically for self-identifying LGBTQ youth between the ages 12-17 who are under guardianship of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services’ child abuse/neglect or juvenile justice divisions. The facility offers an open, home-like, community-based setting with programming and services that are heavily focused on devel-
oping the practical coping skills that will ensure successful living as a 
LGBTQ adult.
We Receive Referrals From:

65 Cadillac Square  30th Floor  Suite 3000
Detroit, MI  48226
Phone: 313-962-6740
Website: https://www.tasmd.org 
Traveler's Aid maintains a robust transitional housing program supporting clients coming out of homelessness into their own independent living space. Maintaining a "Housing First" model, Traveler's Aid provides clients with housing, a dedicated case worker, and access to social support programs 
to help them regain healthy and productive lives. 
SHOP 1 is a transitional housing program for singles 
1.  Federally funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development           (HUD) 
2.  Provide transitional supportive housing for single men and women exiting       substance abuse treatment programs and/or clients defined as homeless         with shelter verification, or evictions within past 30 days. 
3.  Emphasis is placed on providing soft-skills for societal reintegration 
Permanent Supportive Housing Programs BEIT 
(PRONOUNCED BY-IT…A Hebrew term for house) 
1.     Infinity 
2.     Shelter Plus Care (SPC) 
3.     Federally funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development            (HUD) 
4.     Long-term supportive housing program
5.     Support for the following: homeless families, drug/alcohol addiction,                  development disabilities/mental illness
6.     Addresses the negative impact of drugs and alcohol 
7.     Provide families with the necessary tools to maintain housing and/or                  become homeowners 
8.     Assistance with Life Skills/Soft Skills (e.g. finance management, home              management, career preparation) 
9.     Monthly in-home visit from TASMD case worker
10.   Housing First Model
11.   Administered by the Michigan Department of Community Health
12.  TASMD is considered a sub-recipient and must provide housing to clients          for the duration of the agreement
13.   Clients pay rental amount not to exceed a maximum of 30% of their                    income  
Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

WAYNE METROPOLITAN Community Action Agency 
Wayne Metro Detroit HQ
7310 Woodward  Suite 800
Detroit, MI  48202
Out-County Service Hub
2121 Biddle Ave.
Wyandotte, MI  48192
Phone: 313-388-9799
Email: WMConnectCenter@waynemetro.org
​Website: https://www.waynemetro.org/housing-and-food-assistance
Housing & Food Assistance
Wayne Metro offers services to Wayne County residents who are experiencing (or are at risk of) homelessness, and those with limited access to healthy food. Our programs can connect you to emergency shelters, help you find and pre- pare for employment, assist with rent payments to prevent homelessness, en-
sure your children receive high-quality education and nutritional meals, and more. Please contact us directly to learn what programs you and your family are eligible to participate in.

ChristNet Services 
24356 Eureka  
Taylor, MI  48180
Phone: 734-287-8890 
Email: info@christnetservices.org  
Website: https://christnetservices.org
Shelter is temporally located in the lower level of Taylor Church of the Nazarene 
24356 Eureka 
Taylor, MI  48180
Located one block West of Telegraph., North side of Eureka  
(Guests seeking services please use the east side entrance)
Phone 734-287-8890
Daytime Shelter Hours of Operation
The ChristNet seasonal rotating Nighttime Shelter Program is a cooperative, interfaith, community-based effort to provide temporary overnight shelter to homeless men, women, and children (when accompanied by a parent or guar- dian). The seasonal rotating Nighttime Shelter program open from mid-Oct.  through the end of May. Guests may stay for up to 90 consecutive days while they seek a more permanent solution to their living situation.
Please call our office at 734-287-8890 to inquire if there any “open beds” 
available. We will inform you if we have any open beds at that time. If we 
do have any open beds we would ask that you and your family come to our Daytime Program that day to do a full intake. Registration for any open beds 
is completed during the Daytime Program from 7:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. daily.
(Unfortunately the demand for overnight shelter is high it may take several calls before we have any open beds available. We do encourage people to 
call daily as the number of open beds may change daily).

Coalition on Temporary Shelter  (C.O.T.S.)                                                      
Administrative Office: 
2211 E Jefferson   Suite 400 
Detroit, MI  48207
Phone: 313-831-3777 
Email: engage@cotsdetroit.org 
Website: www.cotsdetroit.org       
Operates a 140 bed facility for emergency housing for men, women & children. Provides transitional housing for up to 90 people and 200 permanent low-income housing units. COTS opened a new certified infant daycare operating in the facility near the Cass Corridor in Detroit, called "Bright Beginnings". The child care center will care for children ages 4 months to 2 1/2 years old in the homeless shelter or who have used the shelter within the past year.     
Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries 
150 Stimson 
Detroit, MI  48201
Phone: 313-993-4700
Email: info@drmm.org
Website: www.drmm.org   
Shelter Residents stay overnight and are provided meals and the opportunity to shower and receive new clothing items. Shelter Counselors do an assess-
ment with each resident, encourage and help residents apply for services 
and take steps to help them meet long term needs, and assure that clients receive emergency medical or counseling needs.
Campus: Genesis House II 
Target Population: 48 women and 14 children. Women in this program often are working on substance abuse aftercare issues, addressing legal issues, and attend school and training programs to give them a future.
Campus: Genesis House III Samaritan Program 
Target Population: Women in this program have a disability or are female 
veterans.They work on substance aftercare issues, address legal issues, 
and attend school and training programs to give them a future. Women 
in this program have a disability or are female veterans.They too work on substance aftercare issues, address legal issues, and attend school &  training programs to give them a future.
Campus: Detroit Rescue Mission 
Target Population: Men, many of whom are struggling with addiction, debt, and difficulty finding employment.
Campus: Genesis House I 
Target Population: Teen mothers and their children. Mothers attend high school and raise their children with staff support.
Campus: The Oasis
Target Population: Men, many of whom are struggling with addiction, debt, and difficulty finding employment. 25 men are homeless veterans of the 
armed forces and 25 are men with mental health or substance abuse disabilities, in addition to being homeless.
Campus: DeVos Ministry Center 
Target Population: Men
*The numbers above represent the funded bed capacity. On many nights, the actual number staying in our shelter programs doubles.
                                                                                                                     PERMANENT HOUSING:
Permanent Housing Residents must have a disability that prevents the res-ident from independently living in community housing.These may include chronic, debilitating health issues, mental illnesses, severe substance addictions, or developmental delays. They may remain in the program as 
long as they like.
Campus: Detroit Rescue Mission
Target Population: Men
Campus: Genesis House II 
Target Population: Families with children
Campus: DeVos Ministry Center 
Target Population: Men  

Lincoln Behavioral Services 
Mailing Address: 
9315 Telegraph 
Redford, MI  48239
Phone: 313-450-4500   Customer Service: 1-866-462-6730
Website: https://www.lbscares.com
The Housing Connect program is a permanent supportive housing program that is designed to assist Medicaid eligible consumers throughout Wayne County. Housing Connect is a program for individuals with mental illness 
or mental illness and co-occurring disorders who are homeless, at-risk of homelessness, or living in a restrictive setting. The goal of Housing Connect is to move individuals to a less restrictive environment and achieve housing stability with support services to maintain their housing.
Our Supportive Housing Program provides the following services:
1.   Helps consumers move towards independence by moving consumers into        SIL (semi-independent living) or independent-living environments.
2.   Provides long-term housing with the necessary supportive services to              help  consumers learn or e-learn life and social skills necessary for                    maintaining one's independence.
3.   Provides comprehensive case management services in conjunction with          assessments, housing placements, job skills, vocational training, and                other supportive services.

Alternatives for Girls                      
903 W. Grand Blvd.
Detroit, MI  48208
Phone: 313-361-4000    Crisis Line: 888-AFG-3919
Website: https://alternativesforgirls.org
Our mission is to help homeless and high-risk girls and young women 
avoid violence, teen pregnancy and exploitation, and help them to exp-
lore and access the support, resources and opportunities necessary to 
be safe, to grow strong and to make positive choices in their lives. Fou-
nded in 1987, Alternatives For Girls (AFG) is a southwest Detroit-based nonprofit organization. We serve homeless and at-risk girls and young 
women through the following programs:
Shelter: Provides a stable home, counseling, support for getting their education back on track,job readiness and life skills training to home-
less young women ages 15-22 and their children. 

Covenant House Michigan
2959 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Detroit, MI  48208
Phone: 313-463-2005
Website: https://covenanthousemi.org
Covenant House Michigan is a faith-based nonprofit organization that provides hope to homeless, runaway and at-risk youth ages 18-24. We 
provide shelter, educational and vocational programs, as well as other 
support services, to help youth overcome hurdles such as  homeless-
ness, unemployment, inadequate education, violence, drugs and gangs. 
Our goal is to redirect them onto a path toward meaningful and successful adulthood. Counties Served: Wayne County, Oakland County & Macomb County.

Neighborhood Service Organization   
Central Office:
882 Oakman Blvd. Suite C
Detroit, MI  48238
Phone: 313-961-4890
Website: https://www.nso-mi.org/homeless-recovery-services.html 
NSO's Detroit Healthy Housing Center (DHHC) is part of a $20 Million 
vision and is our innovative approach to end chronic homelessness 
in the City of Detroit. It is a comprehensive site with a holistic service model, pairing housing and an emergency shelter with healthcare, 
extensive case management and supportive services. The project aims 
to not only end homelessness but promote health equity and well-being 
while uplifting and developing the community.
This new one-of-a-kind service delivery model for low-barrier emergency shelter will operate using four core pillars.
The DHHC will provide emergency shelter for 56 single adults with 
specific focus on the medically fragile and women. Permanent hou-
sing transition support services will be provided to all residents. 
The DHHC will also include a Medical Respite unit along with an in-
tegrated health clinic. Medical Respite is an evidence-based temporary 
care strategy for individuals experiencing homelessness.The model 
offers medical and behavioral health care and wraparound services for individuals who are too sick to be in a shelter or on the street, but not sick enough to remain hospitalized.
NSO’s Supportive Housing uses a “Housing First” approach to provide
permanent supportive housing services to formerly homeless adults. 
Our immediate and primary goal is to help individuals to quickly access 
and sustain permanent housing. NSO’s commitment to Supportive Hou-
sing includes the renovation of the historic Michigan Bell building into 
155 one-bedroom apartments for formerly homeless adults as well as supportive scattered-site housing throughout the city. NSO continues 
its mission to end homelessness through the development of 45 apart-
ment supportive housing project-The Clay Center, a campus to end homelessness on the corner of Mack and Gratiot Ave.in Detroit.
In 2012, NSO opened the largest supportive housing apartment complex 
for homeless individuals in the city of Detroit.The historic Michigan Bell Building was transformed into 155 one-bedroom apartments, providing 
homes for formerly homeless adults. The program provides all necessary services to empower residents to take charge of their life by connecting 
them to life skills groups, substance abuse services, basic computer skills, employment services, and primary health care at the on-site, Federally Qualified Health Center and Mobile Dental service.
The NSO Clay Campus is a comprehensive site with an all-inclusive 
service model, pairing housing and emergency shelter with healthcare, 
case management and supportive services, that will focus on ending 
homelessness for the people we serve and uplift our entire community. 
This innovative campus will include 42 units of Permanent Supportive 
Housing, emergency shelter for 56 adults and a service center to offer 
integrated health care and wraparound services.

Matrix Human Services
Administration Offices:   
1400 Woodbridge    
Detroit, MI  48207  
Phone: 734-831-1000
Email:  inquiries@matrixhumanservices.org
Website: https://www.matrixhumanservices.org
Our Housing Center assists the community in trying to meet this need.
Services and programs within this Center include:
Debbie Blackman 
Phone: 313-526-4000 #1236
Email: blackman@matrixhs.org 

Operation Get Down Inc.
10100 Harper Ave.
Detroit, MI  48213 
Phone: 313-921-9422
Website:  http://operationgetdown.org
Residential Treatment for Men
OGD’s residential treatment program for men provides intensive intervention in a residential setting to promote sobriety and prevent relapse for men deal-ing with issues of alcohol and drug abuse. The majority of our consumers 
are adult males who participate in a 45- to 90-day program, which includes intensive substance-abuse and mental-health treatment in individual and group settings; classroom instruction utilizing didactic sessions and a CBT – or cognitive behavior therapy approach; financial-literacy and career-development education; recreational activities; random drug screenings; 
and on-site AA & NA meetings. 
Referrals are made by the City of Detroit Health Department, Bureau of Substance Abuse.
Prisoner Re-Entry Program
OGD provides services to ex-offenders released from the M.D.O.C.
This population – which represents some of Detroit’s and Wayne County’s most at-risk men – receives individualized case-management services to coordinate reintegration efforts with OGD’s community partners and other agencies. Clients also are assisted with real-life obstacles like obtaining proper identification, applying for appropriate government-assistance programs, resume-writing and job-search help, housing help, and class-
room and other educational instruction.The combination of a structured environment, one-on-one interaction with counselors, group therapy, classroom settings and real-world encounters helps ease the transition 
from incarceration to freedom.
Transitional Housing
This temporary residency program for men lasts up to 24 months while consumers prepare for independent living. Men in this program must be committed to being drug free. Supportive services include case manage-
ment, individual and group substance-abuse treatment, job training and 
employment referrals, and housing referrals. Consumers are referred from various sources, including churches, treatment programs and emergency shelters. Walk-in homeless consumers also are accepted.
IOP (Intensive Outpatient)
This program serves men seeking help on their own, often referred to as “walk-in” clients. This residential program varies in length depending on 
each client’s needs, as does the content of the program, which is deter-
mined by a collaborative client-counselor treatment plan.
Emergency Shelter & Warming Center
Emergency shelter services are provided 365 days a year, from 6 p.m. until 
6 a.m. daily, offering meals, a hot shower and bedding for the night. OGD’s seasonal warming center, located at 6821 Medbury, operates during winter months and serves women and children as well as men. Transportation is 
provided by Operation Get Down for many clients of warming-center ser- vices. his program is funded by the State of Michigan with the Salvation 
Army as fiduciary.

445 Ledyard   # 201  
Detroit, MI  48201      
Phone: 313-962-9446
Email:  info@marinersinn.org
Website: www.marinersinn.org
The Mariners Inn Extended Residency (MER) & Recovery Housing (RH) Programs are alcohol-and drug-free residential environments for home-
less men desiring to gain independence. Both programs have the capa-
city to assist a combined total of 64 adult men with an array of services 
and special needs.
MER is a permanent supportive living experience available to men who 
have successfully completed a residential treatment program and who 
may have a physical or mental disability and/or extraneous barriers than 
may impede them in finding employment. MER program has a capacity 
of 28 beds. All men admitted into the program are allowed to remain for 
up to 2 years the men who need additional time to overcome barriers to independent living. When a resident is identified as needing to living in 
a permanent group setting, Mariners Extended Residency continues to provide housing for an indefinite period of time.The resident is expected 
to continue fulfilling the requirements of the program and to demonstrate 
his commitment to self-improvement.
RH is a supportive, semi-independent living experience available to men 
who have also successfully completed the Mariners Inn Residential Treat-
ment Program and who are readily employable or have no extraneous bar-
riers impeding employment. RH has a capacity of 36 beds. All men admitted into the program are allowed to remain for a minimum of six months, up to 
the two year maximum length of stay. RH offers the opportunity to work on 
all aspects of an individual's total recovery. Each individual works on his 
own specific goals (i.e. his particular way of being self-sufficient) established with the assistance of RH staff.
Services are provided daily, and include:

16130 Northland Dr.
Southfield, MI  48075
Phone: 248-443-5500
Website: www.salmich.org 
Emergency Shelters
For those looking to escape extreme cold, intense heat, torrential rain, or just wanting a safe, quiet place to spend the night, The Salvation Army provides a nutritious meal, a warm bed and a clean shower. The Salvation Army of Metro Detroit operates more than 100 facilities throughout SE MI, including Wayne, Oakland and Macomb Counties. 
Harbor Light System
In 1939, The Salvation Army opened the doors on its first Harbor Light Center in Detroit. This has since grown into the largest drug rehabilitation in the state 
and is known as The Eastern Michigan Salvation Army Harbor Light System. Harbor Light's three locations offer bed and bread programs, sheltering up to 750 clients and serving 1.7 million meals each year
Detroit Medical Respite
Detroit Medical respite provides a place for homeless individuals to recover and recuperate from hospital stays. Rather than being released by hospitals as soon as possible, we provide a safe, clean environment for people to fully recover before being released.
The Salvation Army Plymouth 
9451 S. Main 
Plymouth, MI  48170 
Phone: 800-SAL-ARMY 
Website: https://centralusa.salvationarmy.org/plymouth/provide-housing
We help provide housing on an emergency basis only. If you need help, contact Darla Chute at 
Darla_Chute@usc.salvationarmy.org   734-453-5464.

5322 Chene
Detroit, MI  48211 
Phone: 586-790-8267 
Email: upshurjeremiah@yahoo.com 
Website: https://peacemakersinternational.org 
Jesus House For Men
The Jesus House is a men’s housing facility which provides hope, direction, and a sense of purpose for men who have experienced negative life-altering 
situations. Drugs, alcohol, and crime have separated many men from a life 
of hope, which we fervently attempt to achieve through daily structured teach-
ing, discipleship, and work-related program. Bible-based answers are given 
to these men to give them a true sense of purpose. Christian instructions set 
men free to become the men God created them to be.

Perfecting Community Development Corporation
Amelia Agnes Home for Women & Children 
Macomb County Shelter
7616 E. Nevada 
Detroit, MI  48234
Phone: 586-323-7066  313-365-2273
Email: information@perfectingcommunity.org
Website: https://perfectingcdc.org
to provide quality housing and support services to women and children 
while assisting them with becoming self-sufficient by identifying their 
own strengths and solutions through:Housing Stability, Educational Advancement, Economic Independence, Parenting & Life Skills, Self- Actualization and Spiritual Growth.  Serves Oakland, Wayne & Macomb Counties. 
THE Amelia Agnes Transitional Home is our homeless shelter program 
where women and children can begin again with dignity and respect. 
The program provides each family with a private suite and support ser-
vices in efforts to assist them with becoming self-sufficient. Residents 
learn to combat homelessness while improving decision-making and 
problem solving skills along with eliminating barriers hindering educa-
tional and economic growth while gaining intervention tools for life restoration.

ICNA RELIEF / Muslim Family Services ​
12500 Mitchell
Detroit, MI 48212
12346 McDougall
Detroit, MI  48212
Phone: 313-366-6800
Website: https://muslimfamilyservices.org
ICNA Relief Michigan has served the Michigan community since 1998 as Muslim Family Services (MFS). We offer full range of services to individuals, couples, and families of all backgrounds. The mission of ICNA Relief’s Mus-
lim Family Services is to provide a compassionate support system through our programs which will nourish, flourish,and facilitate the success of our community.
Transitional Housing
ICNA Relief offers an alternative for homeless women in need of temporary sleeping accommodations. ICNA Relief maintains the dignity of their clients while affording them the opportunity to heal and develop themselves within 
a nurturing environment. Women are provided with one-on-one support while they transition to permanent stable housing.
Many of the women who come to ICNA Relief have experienced either emotional or physical abuse as well as neglect. Many are underem-
ployed or unable to obtain affordable housing. ICNA Relief offers them 
the opportunity to heal while they work towards obtaining the ultimate 
goal of self-sufficiency.
Trained case managers work with clients in identifying areas of growth 
and link them to appropriate community resources such as public ben-
efits, legal and immigration support, mental health services and health-
care. While participating in the ICNA Relief Transitional Housing Program, women are encouraged to take part in educational classes including; 
English language skills, job training and/or higher education.

St. Johns Community Center
14320 Kercheval 
Detroit, MI  48215
Phone: 313-823-8323. 
Serves single adults.

New Day Multi-Purpose Center
511 S. Post 
Detroit, MI  48209
Phone: 313-842-2420. 
Serves single men.


Sharing the Warmth of Lenawee County
427 W. Maumee 
Adrian, MI  49221
Phone: 517-203-9857
Website: https://sharethewarmthoflenawee.org/our-mission
We strive to be a leading partner in Lenawee County ensuring that no individual or family ever has to spend the night outdoors because they 
cannot find safe shelter. We intend to be that beacon of hope for the 
homeless that provides a compassionate environment as our guests 
take the path forward.

Housing Help of Lenawee 
P.O. Box 692
307 E. Church 
Adrian, MI 49221
Phone: 517-264-0782
Website: https://h2lenawee.org
H2Lenawee may assist with first month's rent, past due rent and mortgage foreclosure. An in-depth assessment is made regarding a client’s financial 
and housing situation. Case management, client outreach, landlord mediation, budgeting, housing search and referrals along with other support services are provided in this program. The goal of this program is to prevent or reduce the amount of time a household is homeless.  
H2Lenawee has units of transitional housing (TH) for families who have minor children in the household. The TH program provides affordable housing for up to two (2) years as well as support services, life skills training, and weekly case management. The goal of the TH program is to stabilize each family and assist them with overcoming barriers to permanent housing and therefore encouraging lifelong self sufficiency.

H2Lenawee provides emergency shelter (ES) programs for homeless families with minor children in the household. In addition to emergency shelter, H2 Lenawee provides daily case management, life skills training, and support services, such as laundry facilities,transportation assistance and much more. The ES program is provided at no cost to the family.The goal of the ES program is to assist homeless families in overcoming barriers on a successful journey to permanent housing. Short-term motel sheltering may be provided for persons that cannot be served by current Lenawee County shelter programs.

Community Action Agency          
400 W. South
Adrian, MI  49221
Phone: 517-263-7861   800-438-1845
Website: www.caajih.org
Housing assistance & counseling, Links to Home Ownership, rental assistance. See the top of the page for a new Veterans Program called Supportive Services for Veteran Families. 

Salvation Army
217 W. Church   
Adrian, MI  49221  
Phone:  517-265-2038
Website:  www.salmich.org

Family Counseling and Children's Services of Lenawee County
220 N. Main  
Adrian, MI  49221
Phone: 517-264-5733
Days only for families and singles.

American Red Cross
Washtenaw-Lenawee County Chapter
4624 Packard  
Ann Arbor, MI  48108
Phone: 734-971-5300   866-971-5300
Website: http://www.redcross.org/mi/ann-arbor/disaster-services
If you are a victim of a natural disaster or home fire, please call the Red Cross at 866-971-5300 for immediate assistance.Teams are on call 24/7 ready to meet you whenever disaster strikes.


Community Housing Network         
570 Kirts Blvd.  #231
Troy, MI  48084
Phone: 248-928-0111    866-282-3119
The Homeless Leasing Assistance Program (HLAP) and the
Chronically Homeless Leasing Assistance Program (CHLAP) 
are Permanent Supportive Housing Program. Both programs 
provide monthly rental assistance and program-related supp-
ortive services to participants. Applicants must meet specific 
program criteria to qualify.These qualifications include the 
head of household having a severe and persistent mental ill-
ness or Developmental Disability. One must also be HUD-
defined homeless which includes living on the streets, in a 
shelter, or coming from transitional housing as long as the 
person was homeless the night before. Program participants 
are required to progress in program goals while in the LAP 
which includes obtaining permanent housing, increasing self-
sufficiency, and increasing skills and/or income.  

P.A.T.H.  Program  
(Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness)
Phone: 586-466-8704
A housing program that serves individuals and families in Macomb 
County who are homeless and who have a mental illness. PATH can 
also provide some financial assistance for placement costs and can 
help to secure furniture and other necessary household items. Indivi-
duals must be homeless or at imminent risk of becoming homeless. 
Individual must be able to provide documentation verifying his or her homelessness.

Macomb County Warming Center / The Ray of Hope Day Center
176 Northbound Gratiot Ave.   
Mount Clemens, MI 
Phone: 586-329-4046  
Website:  www.warmingcenter.org

Perfecting Community Development Corporation
Amelia Agnes Home for Women & Children 
Macomb County Shelter
7616 E. Nevada 
Detroit, MI  48234
Phone: 586-323-7066   313-365-2273
Email: information@perfectingcommunity.org
Website: https://perfectingcdc.org
is to provide quality housing and support services to women and chil-
dren while assisting them with becoming self-sufficient by identifying 
their own strengths and solutions through: Housing Stability, Educa-
tional Advancement, Economic Independence, Parenting & Life Skills, 
Self- Actualization and Spiritual Growth. Serves Oakland, Wayne & 
Macomb Counties. 
The Amelia Agnes Transitional Home is our homeless shelter program 
where women and children can begin again with dignity and respect. 
The program provides each family with a private suite and support ser-
vices in efforts to assist them with becoming self-sufficient. Residents 
learn to combat homelessness while improving decision-making and problem solving skills along with eliminating barriers hindering educa-
tional and economic growth while gaining intervention tools for life restoration. 

The Macomb County Homeless Coalition 
196 North Rose
Mt. Clemens, MI  48043
Phone: 586-213-5655
Website: www.macombhc.com
Has a Housing Resource Specialist to assist families who are living 
"doubled up" (living with family or friends) OR living in motels or 
hotels for any length of time and in need of case management ser-
vices to connect them with community resources. 

Macomb County Rotating Emergency Shelter Team (MCREST)
20415 Erin 
Roseville, MI  48066
Phone:  586-415-5101  1 p.m. to 4 p.m. 7 days a week
Website:  www.mcrest.org
All homeless (rotating churches). Under 18 if accompanied by an adult.

Salvation Army MATTS & Soup Kitchen
24140 Mound 
Warren, MI  48091
Phone:  586-754-7400
Website:  www.salmich.org
Macomb's Answer to Temporary Shelter (MATTS)
The Salvation Army MATTS is a goal based shelter with an average stay 
of 90 days. MATTS is a drug and alcohol free emergency residential unit 
for men, women, and children in Macomb County. Residents are offered 
case management and counseling, referrals, clothing, medical care, and financial assistance. MATTS also offers community services including 
AA meetings and referrals to other community agencies.

Family Youth Interventions
418 Cass Ave.
Mt. Clemens, MI  48046
Phone: 586-465-1212
Email:  familyyouth@yahoo.com
Website:  www.familyyouth.com
15 day residential shelter for adolescents ages 10-17 who are runaways, 
are homeless or are experiencing a crisis at home or in school. Helping families help youth become successful adults.  

The Warming Center
PO Box 53
Roseville, MI  48066
Phone:  586-321-0998 
Website: http://macombresources.info   
All homeless (rotating churches in wintertime)

Macomb County Warming Center
Mt. Clemens, MI 
Phone: 586-321-0998   Monday 9-3 p.m.  
Tuesday & Thursday 9-4 p.m.
November thru March ONLY.  Comprised of rotating sponsor churches 
to provide blanket, pillow, warm supper, light break-fast to individuals 
who do not qualify, have extended their time, or have been turned away 
from an existing shelter. Intake hours are 8 p.m. to 7 a.m. Monday-Sunday.  
Ray of Hope Day Center
24450 Gratiot  (South of 10 Mile)
Eastpointe, MI

Mount Clemens Salvation Army / Emergency Drop-In Center
55 Church 
Mt. Clemens, MI  48043
Phone: 586-469-6712
An adult drop-in center that provides day room (warming/cooling center) that is open from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., showers, meals (breakfast & lunch), clothing assistance, and hygiene items. Assistance with bus tickets or prescriptions may also be available in some cases as well as referrals for other agencies.  
Computer lab is available Mondays at 1:00 p.m. and Thursdays at 11:00 a.m. 
to assist clients with locating employment and creating resumes.  
The Salvation Army--More House
42590 Stepnitz
Mt. Clemens, MI  48046

Leonard House
23032 Wellington
Warren, MI  48089


United Way's First Call for Help
216 N. Monroe 
Monroe, MI  48162
Phone: 734-242-4357  24 hours
Website: http://monroeuw.org
Offers local resources and referrals.

The Salvation Army Family Manor
815 E. First 
Monroe, MI  48161
Phone: 734-241-0440
Housing for families & single women for up to 90 days. Can handle up to 12 families and 5 individuals. May put client and children in hotel for up to five days. Serves Monroe County ONLY.
The Warming Center    
1018 E. 2nd  
Monroe, MI 
(inside the Church on 2nd Street) 
Open from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. daily when the temperature is 32 degrees or below. Can handle up to 30 people. 

Philadelphia House I & II                                                
Men's homeless shelters for single men ONLY                                                        218 Washington      
Monroe, MI  48161              
119 E. Third 
Monroe, MI  48161
Phone: 734-241-0255
Serves Monroe County ONLY.  A transitional shelter where assistance is provided for up to two years. 

Monroe County Opportunity Program / M.C.O.P./ 
Emergency Shelter Grant Funds  
1140 S. Telegraph
Monroe, MI   48161
Phone: 734-241-2775
Website:  www.monroecountyop.org
Grant funds are used to prevent homelessness. One month's rent is available if a financial plan is in place and to provide emergency shelter in area motels for those who are income eligible while grant funds are available. A decision (denial) letter from DHS is required to receive funds.

Women Empowering Women / Paula's House
Monroe, MI 
Phone:  734-384-8922
Email:  pwhitman@sbcglobal.com
Website:  http://www.paulashouse.org
Transitional house for homeless women who have substance abuse problems. Program is for 1-2 years and the goal is permanent housing upon successful 
completion of program. Women pay 30% of their in-come as rent, up to $450.00 a month. Five beds are available. 

3604 S. Custer 
Monroe, MI  48161
Phone:  734-240-3190
Supervised transitional housing for disabled & mentally ill adults ages 45
and up, who are ambulatory and homeless. Assistance provided for up to 
two years....has 36 beds. MUST have a Referral Letter from an agency in 
order to be considered!

Southeast Michigan Veteran Service Center
14 S. Monroe
Monroe, MI  48161
Phone: 734-242-5895
Weekdays only 9-5 p.m. ONLY.  Male Veterans ONLY 

Family Counseling and Shelter
14390 LaPlaissance  Suite 106
Monroe, MI   48161
Phone:  734-241-0180
Website: http://www.fcssmc.org
Emergency shelter for Domestic Violence. Women and children age 17 
and under only. Men are housed at another location. Stay is 30 to 90 
days depending on individual circumstances.  

Main Address: 
924 E. 2nd 
Monroe, MI  48161
Phone: 734-244-5444   734-241-5590 (Shelter)
1018 E. 2nd 
Monroe, MI  48161
Phone: 734-241-5590
Email: oaksofrighteousness@aol.com
Website: https://www.oaksvillage.net/https://www.oaksvillage.net


The Oakland Shelter's Resource Guide            
Website: http://www.homelessshelterdirectory.org/cgi-bin/id/county.cgi?county=Oakland-County&state=MI
Offers information on shelter and housing for this County.

Welcome Inn
PO Box 1937 
Royal Oak, MI  48068
Phone: 248-850-3219
Website: http://www.sochwi.org
Welcome Inn works with a group of churches that provide overnight accommodations for guests. These churches are also low-barrier so 
that 24-hour sheltering is available at a time of year when the denial 
of care, for some, would result in dire consequences.

Hospitality House Food Pantry 
2075 E. West Maple  Suite B204
Commerce Twp, MI  48390
Phone: 248-960-9975
Website: https://www.hhfp.org/programs-and-services/car-repair-assistance
Breathing Room is NOT a rental assistance program. Breathing Room is an EMERGENCY TRANSITIONAL HOUSING PROGRAM. HHFP will authorize off-site emergency short term housing for eligible unhoused persons and OR households at imminent risk of becoming homeless.  
Authorized off site-shelter means lodging within a hotel or motel. HHFP 
works exclusively with several hotels near the pantry vicinity to accomodate
clients. The program is designed to provide a bridge of temporary shelter 
(30 days max) while granting the participant adequate time to find more stable housing and is not intended for individuals who are chronically un-housed. Potential applicants who apply without a viable housing plan after 30 days of emergency shelter will not be considered.

Mailing Address:
46156 Woodward Ave.
Pontiac, MI 48342
Phone: 248-920-6000
South Oakland Shelter
18505 W. 12 Mile 
Lathrup Village, MI 48076
Phone: 248-920-6000 #5500
Website: https://www.southoaklandshelter.org/what-we-do
Our SOS program maintains 30-35 unrestricted shelter beds. SOS accepts
men, women, and children. Clients receive access on a first call, first serve basis. SOS partners with over 60 congregations and operates year-round. Each week, a congregation takes on the responsibility of hosting SOS’s shelter guests and provides them with overnight accommodations, three 
daily meals, transportation, and meaningful interactions with caring volun- teers. In addition to shelter, SOS has an on-site clothing closet, showers, 
and washers and dryers all allowing clients to look and feel their best as 
they seek employment and housing. Over 80% of our shelter guests successfully enter into housing. Also has a housing program!

OLHSA  (Oakland Livingston Human Services Agency)
Central Office (Oakland County)
196 Cesar E. Chavez Ave.       
P.O. Box 430598
Pontiac, MI  48343-0598
Phone: 248-209-2600   800-482-9250 Toll Free
Email: info@olhsa.org 
South Office (Oakland County)
1956 Hilton 
Ferndale, MI  48220-1719
Phone: 248-542-5860
Email: info@olhsa.org 
OLHSA (Livingston County)
2300 E. Grand River   Suite 107 
Howell, MI   48843-7574
Phone:  517-546-8500
Email: livingston@olhsa.org
Website: http://olhsa.org/complete-services#Education 
Emergency Housing Referral Programs
OLHSA assists residents in finding the available programs and services to meet their needs. If those needs cannot be met at OLHSA, residents are referred to other local agencies or organizations for help.
Homeless Case Management Services
OLHSA can provide counseling to identify and resolve factors causing homelessness. Includes help to locate affordable housing, financial 
assistance to move in, interpersonal counseling, employment and public assistance resources.
Homeless Prevention
Provides eligible homeless or potentially homeless applicants with first month's rent or rental arrearage assistance.

HOPE Hospitality and Warming Center                         
249 Baldwin Ave.
Pontiac, MI  48342
Phone: 248-499-7345
Website:  www.hopewarmingpontiac.org
Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday noon-6:30 PM     Shelter 7 PM-8 AM
Weekends-- shelter hours 7 PM-8 AM
HOPE Warming Center's adult shelter is open from 7 PM until 7 AM providing dinner, triage healthcare, showers, access to resources that can be a pathway out of homelessness, and, of course, overnight shelter. HOPE is a low barrier shelter, which means that while we have a zero tolerance for bringing drugs and/or alcohol on the premises, sobriety is not a condition for entry to the shelter. We do, however, expect and strictly enforce that shelter guests will follow staff directions and exhibit good behavior. No previous registration is needed to spend the night at HOPE.

Perfecting Community Development Corporation
Amelia Agnes Home for Women & Children 
Macomb County Shelter
7616 E. Nevada 
Detroit, MI  48234
Phone: 586-323-7066    313-365-2273
Email: information@perfectingcommunity.org
Website: https://perfectingcdc.org
to provide quality housing and support services to women and children 
while assisting them with becoming self-sufficient by identifying their 
own strengths and solutions through: Housing Stability, Educational Advancement, Economic Independence, Parenting & Life Skills, Self- Actualization and Spiritual Growth. Serves Oakland, Wayne & Macomb Counties. 
THE Amelia Agnes Transitional Home is our homeless shelter program 
where women and children can begin again with dignity and respect. The program provides each family with a private suite and support ser-
vices in efforts to assist them with becoming self-sufficient. Residents 
learn to combat homelessness while improving decision-making and problem solving skills along with eliminating barriers hindering educa-
tional and economic growth while gaining intervention tools for life restoration. 

New Bethel Outreach Ministry
175 Branch
Pontiac, MI  48343
Phone: 248-333-7010
Website:  www.CommunityHousingNetwork.org
Homeless shelter for single women and children.  Open Monday thru Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Community Housing Network          
Please see above under Macomb County!

Common Ground
1410 S. Telegraph
Bloomfield Hills, MI  48302
Phone: 246-456-8150

The Sanctuary
122 S. Washington 
Royal Oak, MI  48067
Phone:  248-542-2260
Website:  www.commongroundsanctuary.org
For runaway youth ages 10-17 for boys and girls.

A Step Forward
122 S. Washington
Royal Oak,MI 48067
Phone: 248-547-2260
For young men and women ages 16 to 21.

Oakland Livingston Human Service Agency--Central Office           
196 Cesar E. Chavez Ave.
PO Box 430598
Pontiac, MI  48343
Phone: 248-209-2600
OLHSA provides assistance to the low-income, the elderly, and persons with disabilities in order for them to become self-sufficient.  Assistance includes outreach and emergency services, housing services, AIDS home support and housing, family support services among others. OLHSA is also now offering the new Supportive Services for Veteran Families listed at the top of the page! 
345 E. 9 Mile 
Ferndale, MI  48220
Phone:  248-542-5860
Email:  info@olhsa.org
Website:  http://www.olhsa.org

Carriage Town Ministries Men's Shelter
605 Garland 
Flint, MI  48503
Phone:  810-233-87

Baldwin Center             
212 Baldwin Ave.
Pontiac, MI  
Phone:  248-332-6101
Email:  baldwin@baldwincenter.org
Website:  www.baldwincenter.org
Runs warming shelters. 


VETERANS experiencing a housing crisis, contact the Veteran Administration (VA) at 1-877-424-3838. Also see below!

YOUTH (ages 10- 20) experiencing a housing crisis, contact Ozone House at 734-662-2222. See below!

If you are experiencing DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, contact SafeHouse Center at 734-995-5444.  (See the Domestic Violence page on this website)

Housing Access for Washtenaw County (HAWC)
Phone: 734-961-1999
Email: HAWC_Washtenaw@usc.salvationarmy.org
Website: http://www.housingaccess.net
HAWC is Washtenaw County’s central intake for individuals and families 
who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness. The central intake is the 
single point of entry for all emergency shelters and housing resources 
that are available to serve people experiencing homelessness in the county. Residents of Washtenaw County may call HAWC for housing assistance, information and/or referral. Please note: there is a severe 
shortage of housing resources in Washtenaw County and HAWC is not 
able to help all people who are experiencing a housing crisis.
​HAWC Call Center Hours:
Monday:  8:30 am- 5:00 pm
Tuesday: 8:30 am- 5:00 pm
Wednesday: 8:30 am- 5:00 pm
Thursday: 8:30 am- 5:00 pm
Friday:  8:30 am- 5:00 pm

Michigan Ability Partners
Ann Arbor Office
3810 Packard   Suite 260
Ann Arbor, MI  48108 
Phone: 734-975-6880
604 Greenwood Place
Jackson, MI  49203
Phone: 517-841-5780
Email:  info@mapagency.org
Permanent Supportive Housing  
MAP maintains housing stability for the chronically homeless by offering subsidized rent and long-term case management services. MAP owns and operates seven properties, and continues to develop affordable housing. Participants eligible for this program are homeless, low-income, and have 
a documented disability.
Rapid Re-Housing      
Rapid Re-Housing helps individuals experiencing homelessness quickly locate and obtain  housing, and provides short-term rental assistance. Participants receive case management services to help them stabilize in 
their new home. MAP creates strong relationships with local landlords 
who work with us to serve those with housing barriers. 
Supportive Services for Veteran Families
To procure and retain housing for homeless Veterans, MAP provides:
1.  Affordable housing help through payment of application fees, 
     security deposits &move-in costs
2.  Short-term rental subsidy
3.  Access to job training and placement services
Through temporary financial assistance and other supportive services, 
this program helps individual Veterans and Veterans with families find 
stability in their new housing and self-sufficiency as they work towards  financial independence. 

Ann Arbor Housing Commission
727 Miller Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI  48103
Phone: 734-794-6720
Website: http://www.a2gov.org/services/OtherServices/Housing/Pages/default.aspx
Ann Arbor Housing Commission (AAHC) seeks to provide desirable housing and related supportive services for low-income individuals and families on 
a transitional and/or permanent basis. AAHC will partner with housing and 
service providers to build healthy residential communities and promote an atmosphere of pride and responsibility.

Ypsilanti Housing Commission
601 Armstrong  
Ypsilanti, MI  48197
Phone:  734-482-4300
Website:  www.ypsilantihc.org
The Housing Commission administers the low-income public housing 
and Section 8 programs within the City to ensure that participants are provided with adequate, safe, and affordable housing opportunities. 
All applicants must complete an application to be assigned a position 
on the waiting list. Selection is based on factors such as income limits 
and family status. Applications are accepted Monday through Friday 
from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. at the Housing Commission office for public 
housing only. Contact the Housing Commission for information on 
the status of the Section 8 program.
There are currently 218 public housing units within the City of which 26 
are designated for senior housing. Under the Section 8 program, appli-
cants must locate housing units where landlords are willing to participate 
in the program. Applicants are required to pay 30% of their monthly income
toward the rent while the Section 8 housing voucher covers the remainder
of the rent payment.

Avalon Housing
1327 Jones Dr.
Ann Arbor, MI  48105
Phone: 734-663-5858
Website:  www.avalonhousing.org
Avalon Housing is a community-based, non-profit organization that was
created in 1992 to develop, own, and manage permanent supportive hou-
sing. Our mission is to provide affordable housing and support services 
for Washtenaw County's lowest income households, with a priority on 
people who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness, and who have a 
mental or physical disability.

Shelter Association of Washtenaw County 
Delonis Center
P.O. Box 7370
312 W. Huron
Ann Arbor, MI  48107
Phone: 734-662-2829 #254    734-961-1999 
Email: shelterassociation@ewashtenaw.org
Website: https://www.annarborshelter.org
The Shelter Association offers those experiencing homelessness a 
wide array of services, in one central location, all year long. More 
than 30 community organizations partner with the Shelter Association 
to help make these services available.

SOS Crisis Center & Community Services
Administration Office:  
101 S. Huron  
Ypsilanti, MI  48197
Phone: 734-485-8730
Resource Center:
114 N. River  
Ypsilanti, MI  48197
Email: info@soscs.org 
Website: https://soscs.org
SOS provides temporary shelter for larger families up to three months, with caring, intensive supportive services to help them become stable and find permanent, long-term housing. SOS also offers Rapid Re-Housing (RRH)—a new, nationally recognized model—in which homeless families are moved quickly into permanent affordable housing and receive rental assistance for up to 12 months.
Our housing services are for families with children. For example: a grandparent caring for a grandchild; a single mother or a single father with kids; or two parents with children.

Safe House Center
4100 Clark 
Ann Arbor, MI  48105
Phone:  734-995-5444  24 hours
Website: www.safehousecenter.org
The SafeHouse Center HelpLine is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days 
a year to answer calls from survivors of domestic violence and sex-
ual assault. Advocates and volunteer counselors are available to
answer questions and provide support for survivors and their family 
members and friends. Advocates provide information and referrals, 
and will help answer any questions the caller may have about acce-
ssing Safe House services. For example, a survivor can call to find 
out about support groups that are currently running or to make a 
Non-Residential Counseling appointment.
The Help Line also provides a service called the Language Line, which 
allows a survivor that speaks a language other than English to have a conversation with Safe House staff through a confidential interpreter. 
Again, this service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The Salvation Army of Washtenaw County
Ann Arbor Corps.
100 Arbana Dr.
Ann Arbor, MI  48103 
Phone: 734-668-8353
Ypsilanti Corps
9 S. Park 
Ypsilanti MI  48198
Phone: 734-482-4700
Website: http://www.usc.salvationarmy.org/usc/www_usc_washtenaw.nsf
Salvation Army Staples Family Center Shelter
3660 Packard     
Ann Arbor, MI  
Phone:  734-761-7750
The Staples Family Center is a safe, drug-free homeless shelter operated by The Salvation Army of Washtenaw Co. (TSA-WC). Residents and house staff work together to keep the house running smoothly by assisting each other with meal preparations and daily chores. The Staples Family Center by The Salvation Army of Washtenaw County (TSA-WC). Residents and house staff work together to keep the house running smoothly by assisting each other with meal preparations and daily chores. The Staples Family Center has pro-
vided hope and direction to individuals and families since TSA-WC first be-
gan operating a family shelter more than 20 years ago.
Veteran Haven of Hope House
809 Henry 
Ann Arbor, MI  48104
Phone: 734-668-8353
Website: https://www.canfamilies.org/veteran-services
The Veterans Haven of Hope House is a two-year transitional housing 
program for homeless veterans, which provides individualized services 
to help transition them back into mainstream society. Veterans Haven 
ofHope House is operated by the Salvation Army of Washtenaw. 
Services provided include:

Ozone House
1600 N. Huron Dr.
Ypsilanti, MI  48197
Phone: 734-662-2265    Crisis Line 734-662-2222 (24 hours)  
Ypsilanti Youth Drop-In Center
102 North Hamilton (1 block from bus station)
Ypsilanti, MI  48197
Phone: 734-485-2222
Website: https://ozonehouse.org
Ozone House is now offering regular hours to screen young people, ages 
17.5 – 24, for housing opportunities.  
These include:
You can stay at Safe Stay for up to 3 weeks and participate in:
After leaving Safe Stay, we help you return to a safe home with a personalized action plan and ongoing therapy and services.
We are the only agency in Washtenaw County (Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, and 
the surrounding areas) that provides free, confidential, and voluntary shelter and support services to homeless youth including runaways and high-risk youth ages 10-20 and their families.

Home of New Vision
Transitional Housing for the Recovering Woman
3800 Packard  Suite 210
Ann Arbor, MI  48108
Phone: 734-975-1602
Email: admin@homeofnewvision.org
Website: www.homeofnewvision.org
Home of New Vision is a non-profit organization that has provided innovative transitional housing, rehabilitation, and therapeutic services for individuals committed to ongoing recovery from chemical dependency in Washtenaw County, Michigan since 1996. Our transitional homes and therapeutic serv-
ices are open to any chemically dependent person who has a desire to live a life free from the bondage of alcohol and drug addiction.

Dawn Farm
6633 Stoney Creek 
Ypsilanti, MI  48197
Phone: 734-485-8725    734-669-8265
Website: https://www.dawnfarm.org/programs/transitional-housing
Dawn Farm offers residential treatment, sub-acute detoxification, 
outpatient treatment and transitional housing. We will help you 
decide upon the best option for you or your loved one.

Interfaith Hospitality Network of Washtenaw County
4290 Jackson 
Ann Arbor, MI  48103
Phone: 734-822-0220   
Website: https://www.alphahouse-ihn.org
Alpha House provides shelter for families experiencing homelessness. Currently, Alpha House can shelter six families at a time. While in shelter families have a private space of their own, receive 3 meals each day and 
are provided items for their personal and hygiene needs. Each family is assigned a Housing Support Coordinator to help them located safe, affor-
dable housing. Families also work with the Alpha House Employment & Personal Finance Specialist to locate employment, education and training 
opportunities in order to increase income.
Rapid Re-Housing (RRH) is an intervention, informed by a Housing First approach that is a critical part of a community’s effective homeless crisis response system. RRH rapidly connects families and individuals experien-
cing homelessness to permanent housing through a tailored package of assistance that may include the use of time-limited financial assistance 
and targeted supportive services. RRH programs help families and indivi-
duals living on the streets or in emergency shelters solve the practical and immediate challenges to obtaining permanent housing while reducing the amount of time they experience homelessness, avoiding a near-term return 
to homelessness, and linking to community resources that enable them to 
achieve housing stability in the long-term.  
All shelter spaces in Washtenaw County are filled by Housing Access 
(see top of County listing).

Father Patrick Jackson House
1014 S. Main
Ann Arbor, MI  48014
Phone: 734-761-1140
Website:  http://www.mhweb.org/washtenaw/patjackson.htm
Father Pat Jackson House is a non-denominational, not-for profit organi-
zation serving homeless, pregnant and parenting adolescents and their children. Services include shelter, independent living preparation and educational assistance. The program houses 10 teenage families each 
year and provides information and referrals to an additional 250-300 
people, including teens, family members, school counselors and other 
service providers.

Peace Neighborhood Center 
Main Office: 
1111 N. Maple 
Ann Arbor, MI  48103
Phone: 734-662-3564
Email:  info@peaceneighborhoodcenter.org 
Website: https://peaceneighborhoodcenter.org/services/family-services
The Peace House Transitional Housing Center provides temporary housing 
for families as they work to get back on their feet. While staying at Peace House, families meet regularly with Peace staff members to come up with 
an action plan to address their issues and attain self-sufficiency.  

615 S. Mansfield 
P.O. Box 980465 
Ypsilanti, MI 48198
Phone: 734-483-9363 
Email: info@synodhelps.org 
Website: http://www.synodhelps.org/who-we-serve/housing-for-homeless
Permanent Supportive Housing
Special Needs:
Synod provides permanent supportive housing for seniors who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. We are dedicated to the elimination of homless-ness among the elderly through the development of supportive housing: low-income housing combined with support services.
Deake House:
To carry this mission forward, Synod, in partnership with the Housing Bureau for Seniors, purchased and established Deake House, an SRO (single resident housing) designed exclusively as permanent supportive housing for homeless seniors.
Opened in 2008, Deake House can be a tenant’s home forever. There are no limitations on length of stay. Tenant rents are set at an amount deemed limit- affordable to those with fixed, low incomes and include heat and utilities. Support services are provided by agencies that specialize in working with seniors and with issues that often accompany aging. In addition, Deake 
House tenants can access the assistance of Synod support staff working 
24/7 in nearby sister programs.


Adoption Resources



Adult FREE MedicalTests, Services 
& Treatments

Adult & 
"Special Wish" Programs

AIDS & HIV Resources


Children & Adolescent
(Including Orthodontics)

Children & Adolescent
Medical & Wellness Resources

Support Resources

Chore Services
(OR Other 
Help Services)

Clothing Distribution


Crime Victim 
& Notification

Crisis Pregnancy & Pregnancy 
(Help For 
& Raising 
Your Baby)

Disability Resources

Domestic Abuse 

Sexual Violence

& Employment Training 


Financial Assistance

Food Programs/

Food Programs/
"Soup Kitchens"

Food Programs/
"Meals on 


As Caregivers Resources


Help With 
& Mortgage 


Furnishing Resources

Hospice Resources

Housing Resources

Immigration Resources

Immunization Resources




Low-Cost Car 
&  Car Repair Resources

Home Mortgage Assistance

Mental Health 

(for Youths)


Parenting Resources

Prescription Resources

& Parolee



Services For Active-Duty 
Personnel And Their Families

Tax Services (FREE)

Transportation Resources


(And Their Families) Resources

& Hearing Resources

Weatherization Resources

Youth Programs
(Including FREE 
& Low-Cost 
Summer Camps)

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Emergency RV 
Email: info@EmergencyRV.org 
Website: https://EmergencyRV.org 
EmergencyRV provides urgently needed shelter to First Responders and victims of wildfires or other natural disasters. If you lost your home due to a recent wildfire / natural disaster and are in need of emergency-transitional housing, please complete the "Survivor Intake Form" on the site.

Westland Goodfellows
32150 Dorsey 
Westland, MI   48186
Phone: 734-788-2270
Website: https://westlandgoodfellows.org
One of our programs is to help families in emergency situations related to residential 
fires. The Westland Fire Dept. often reaches 
out to us when a family is “burned out” 
of their home and is in need of immediate resources to find living quarters and replace 
clothing items. 

Detroit Phoenix Center 
​8801 Woodward Ave.
Detroit, MI  48202
Phone: 313-482-0916
Email: Info@detroitphoenixcenter.org
Website: http://www.detroitphoenixcenter.org
​A low barrier, safe space for young adults, 
ages 18-24 who are at risk of and/or currently experiencing homelessness. 
Young adults can access:
1.  Showers
2.  Meals
3.  Laundry Services
4.  Transportation Assistance
5.  Basic need items and clothing
6.  Career readiness, life skills and  
     educational workshops
7.  Housing crisis support through 
     partner organizations
8.  Computer lab available for Online 
     school courses, homework, job 
     searching and resume development, 
     art projects, and networking
Tuesday - Thursday  11:00 am -3:00 pm
18-24 years of age (Opportunity Youth)
Tuesday - Thursday 4:00 pm -8:00 pm
13-18 years of age (High School Students)
Fridays by appointment only*
Please bring a form of ID when visiting ABRC
R.I.S.E Emergency Services Fund:
An emergency services fund reserved 
for providing youth and young adults 
immediate respite from the elements 
using housing vouchers and support 
with basic needs that can prevent

Family Youth Interventions 
418 Cass Ave.
Mt. Clemens,  MI 48043
Phone: 586-465-1212
Website: http://www.familyyouth.com/wp/
The Emergency Shelter-Basic Center 
Program is licensed as a Child Caring Institution by the Michigan Department 
of Consumer and Industry Services. 
FYI does not take health insurance and 
is free to youth and families. A maximum 
of 6 youth, ages 12 thru 17, can be housed 
for up to 21 days. The agency is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. FYI also has 
a 24 hour crisis line for youth, families and those interested in referring a youth to the program.
We provide safe spaces for young people 
to have their basic needs met, be listened 
to and respected, discover more of their strengths and talents and learn coping and resiliency skills. FYI can also be a place to 
start thinking about a positive future. We understand that most of the young people 
and their families interested or involved in 
our programs have a had some tough or traumatic life experiences.