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Michigan residents can now get information on energy assistance and weatherization 
through an online directory published by the Coalition to Keep Michigan Warm. The 
directory was created to help people get information on low-income energy assistance 
programs. It can be found by logging onto

MICHIGAN SAVES Program   (available state-wide!)
230 N. Washington Square  Suite 300 
Lansing, MI  48933
Phone: 517-484-6474
Michigan Saves is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making energy improvements 
easy and affordable. We operate as a green bank to offer financing programs that help 
Michigan residents take control of their energy costs through efficiency and renewable 

Phone:  855-646-7432
This program is open to qualified Michigan homeowners with annual household incomes 
up to $105,700. You must have a minimum credit score of 620 and have equity in the home.
The improvements must substantially protect or improve the basic livability or utility of the 
single family or manufactured home. Major system repairs / replacement and energy effic-
iency updates are possible including: 
You can borrow up to $7,500 right now (old limit was $25,000). There are affordable monthly payments--5, 10, 15, and 20 year repayment plans, no appraisal required and NO lien placed 
on loans under $7,500.  
Wayne County residents can call Lesa Hughes at 
First Independence Bank, 7310 Woodward Ave., Suite 101
Detroit, 48202. Phone: 313-256-8430  


The Detroit 0% Interest Home Repair Loans Program 
The Detroit 0% Interest Home Repair Loan Program provides loans to Detroit homeowners 
looking to complete home repairs or improvements. Homeowners have ten years to pay 
back the loans, which are provided at 0% interest.That means homeowners pay back only 
what they borrow. Loans are available between $5,000 and $25,000 for Detroit homeowners 
who own and occupy single-family homes. Homeowners who own properties with two units, 
such as duplexes, can be eligible for up to $50,000 as long as they live in one of the units.
What repairs qualify?
If the home has health and safety hazards (i.e. lead, mold, asbestos), those issues must 
be addressed first before other repairs can be made. The following are sample projects:
Applications will be available online and at a number of locations throughout the city.
Assistance with completing the application is available at Intake Centers by appoint-

Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency
Corporate Office:
7310 Woodward Ave. Suite 800
Detroit, MI  48202
Phone: 313-388-9799
2121 Biddle Ave.
Wyandotte, MI  48192
Phone:  734-284-6999  (main number)
Weatherization Office
5904 Middlebelt
Garden City, MI  48135
Phone: 734-525-1341      
Detroit Residents ONLY call 313-388-9799 
Service area: 
FREE program funded through the Department of Energy that offers energy assistance 
to income-eligible homeowners and renters in Hamtramck, Highland Park, Harper Woods, 
the Grosse Pointes and Dearborn.  
Applications begin by phone by contacting our Main Service Office.  A representative 
will then work with you to gather all of the necessary documentation to complete your 
application. There is limited funding and selection is determined on a first-come, first-
serve basis. Eligible homeowners will be put on a waiting list. All payments for work 
and materials are paid directly to the contractors and/or vendors. 

DTE Energy will pay customers $50 to recycle old refrigerators as part of a new program 
to make households more energy efficient. They will also offer rebates of up to $1,5000 
if customers make improvements recommended by onsite energy audits. Customers will 
get discounts for buying energy-efficient washers, air conditioners, compact flurorescent 
light bulbs and other products.  



Schedule a FREE DTE Energy Consultation where DTE's energy consultants will visit your 
home to provide a personalized energy assessment that will evaluate the energy efficiency 
of your home and they will INSTALL FOR FREE, Energy Star compact fluorescent light bulbs, 
water-saving facet aerators for kitchen and bath, water-saving shower heads and wrap your 
water heater and pipes! Schedule an appointment today by calling 877-497-2191 and you can 

CLEARCorps / Detroit
11148 Harper Ave.
Detroit, MI 48213
Phone: 313-924-4000
CLEARCorps Detroit is participating in DTE Energy’s – Energy Efficiency Assistance Program.
Through this program, we may be able to make energy efficiency improvements to the homes 
of DTE Energy eligible customers and offer a variety of energy improvements at no cost to you.
The DTE account holder should be the primary applicant. Applications can be mailed to your 
home or can be printed from our website. To have an application mailed, please call our office 
or email us and leave a message requesting an application with your name, address, and 
phone number. Improvements can include:
• Refrigerator Replacement
• Furnace Test and Tune Up or Replacement
• Water Heater Replacement
• And more!

Downriver Community Conference
15100 Northline   #101                         
Southgate, MI  48195
Phone: 734-362-7027
Services Offered:
DCC's Weatherization Program continues to offer the highest level of help to low-income 
individuals and families to meet their energy conservation needs. In particular, the program 
provides assistance through energy saving education, sidewall, and attic insulation install-
ation, as well as other energy saving methods.
DCC's inspectors and contractors are well-trained in complete home energy inspections, 
including health and safety issues, such as testing furnaces for carbon monoxide and 
gas leaks. Also, an important part of the inspection process has been "blower door" tes-
ting, which helps identify which energy saving measures should be employed.
DCC's Weatherization Program continues to offer the highest level of help to low-income 
individuals and families to meet their energy conservation needs. In particular, the prog-
ram provides assistance through energy saving education, sidewall, and attic insulation 
installation, as well as other energy saving methods.
Services we provide include:
Insulation: attic, walls, floors • Smoke Detectors • Dryer Vents • Weather-Stripping Doors • 
Caulking • Glass Pane Replacement • Testing of Furnaces and other Gas Appliances
Service area:  Allen Park • Brownstown • Ecorse • Flat Rock • Gibraltar • Grosse Ile • Lincoln 
Park •  Melvindale •River Rouge • Riverview • Rockwood • Southgate • Taylor *  Trenton • 
Woodhaven  • Wyandotte
All other Wayne County residents should contact 734-284-6999. 
Also works with DTE Energy to give qualifying customers new energy efficient 
refrigerators to replace their old, inefficient models (same program as above 
under the ClearCorps Program!) Phone: 734-362-7027  Room 115 at address above!

City of Dearborn Economic and Community Development Dept.        
13615 Michigan Ave.
Dearborn, MI  48126
Phone:  313-943-2180 #2
Services area: 
Dearborn low-income homeowners and renters are eligible to apply for this program!  

City of Detroit Department of Human Services--Weatherization          
AREA G Community Service Center
5031 Grandy
Detroit, MI  48211
Phone: 313-852-5634    313-887-1136
AREA A Community Service Center
Northwest Activities Center
18100 Meyers
Detroit, MI  48235
Phone: 313-887-6656   313-887-6632
AREA E Community Service Center 
13303 E. McNichols
Detroit, MI
Phone:  313-628-0775
AREA D Community Service Center
Butzel Family Center
7737 Kercheval
Detroit, MI  48214
Phone: 313-852-4786     313-887-6710
Service area:  Detroit will receive $33 million for weatherization of low-income homes. 
The funds will pay for up to $6,500 in weatherization work per house on more than 4,
500 houses. Detroit households whose income is up to 200%  of the federal poverty 
guidelines are eligible.The services includes, but is not limited to, attic and wall insu-
lation, some window repair, pipe insulation, caulking and weather-stripping. You must 
have proof of ownership or residency, proof of income of all household members, 
current gas/electric bills and picture I.D. and Social Security Card. There are 3 service 

Detroit Area Agency on Aging 
Seniors in need of weatherization project assistance to replace storm windows/screens 
and tackle minor home repairs, should call the AAA 1-B at 800-852-7795. Speak with a 
Certified Resource Specialist to learn if assistance is available in your area!

Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation 
1211 Trumbull 
Detroit, MI  48216
Phone: 313-967-4880
DHDC has partnered with DTE to provide a free assessment to determine upgrades such as: 
Free tune-up or replacement, hot water heater, refrigerator, lightbulbs, programmable ther-
mostat and home weatherization services such as: insulation, air sealing, window replace-
ment, pipe wrapping and more!

City of Taylor 
Community Development Department 
23555 Goddard 
Taylor, MI 48180
Phone: 734-287-6550
CDBG Home Rehabilitation Loan Program (CDBG, HOME, PIP)
These programs are designed to provide emergency and other repairs of homes owned by 
lower-to-moderate residents. In general, the program allows improvements to a home to 
bring it to minimum code standards, correct barriers to mobility and health, and to address 
safety hazards and energy improvements. The most common repairs include roofs, electrical, 
plumbing, and furnaces. Other repairs are allowed under the program, but remodeling is not 
covered, nor is substantial reconstruction.


Lenawee Community Action Agency        
400 W. South 
Adrian, MI  49221
Phone: 517-263-7861   800-438-1845  Toll-Free
The Weatherization Program provides free home energy conservation services 
to low-income home owners and renters in Lenawee counties.  
Energy Conservation services may include:


Macomb Community Action Community Services 
Division / Weatherization 
21885 Dunham   Suite 10 
Clinton Township, MI  48036
​Phone: 586-469-6329
Email: Steve Schuster at
Macomb Community Action's Weatherization Assistance Program performs the 
installation of energy efficient items to conserve energy in Macomb County homes. 
Weatherization improvements reduce energy use and can save an average of 30%
on heat/utility bills. A home energy audit determines which items will be installed.
Energy saving services may include:
Macomb County families and individuals who are interested in having their home 
weatherized must meet eligibility guidelines:
1.  Services are free to those who qualify.
2.  Must meet current Federal Income Guidelines. 
     Income includes gross income of everyone residing 
     in the home at the time of application.
3.  Recipients of FIP or SSI who have received benefits 
     during any of the past twelve months are automatically 
     income eligible.
4.  Weatherization crews cannot work on any home that is for sale.
How to Apply:
You must call 586-469-6329 to apply for service.
All Applicants Must Provide:
Landlords may participate in the program by having their single or multi-unit rental 
properties weatherized. A cost-sharing fee is required from landlords to help cover 
the cost of materials and labor
Also has the following programs: 
Comprehensive Housing Rehabilitation Program
The Comprehensive Housing Rehabilitation Program exists to help eligible home-
owners with repairs to their homes to achieve decent, safe and sanitary affordable 
housing as defined by Macomb County Housing Rehabilitation Standards. The pro-
gram limit for repairs is $40,000, funded through a zero-interest deferred payment 
Limited Housing Rehabilitation Program***
The Limited Housing Rehabilitation Program is a grant-funded program that exists 
to help eligible homeowners make essential qualified repairs to their home as de-
fined by program guidelines. The program limit for repairs is $10,000. Excludes: 
Clinton Township, Roseville, St. Clair Shores, Sterling Heights, and Warren. These 
communities have their own housing rehabilitation programs.
Coronavirus Relief Water and Plumbing Repair (CRF)
​Provide water repairs to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 by ensuring low-income 
households have access to water for washing and disinfecting surfaces. Ensure 
every eligible home has access to hot and cold water and at least one functioning 
toilet, shower/bath, kitchen faucet and laundry tub.
The household income must be at or below 200% of the federal poverty level. All 
clients must provide identification to receive services. Clients must also provide 
documentation that shows they live at the property.
Home Injury Prevention Program
Home Injury Prevention Program installs devices to ensure safety and prevent falls 
and injuries in the homes of eligible Macomb County seniors. 
Program staff will conduct an assessment, make recommendations and install one 
or more of the following safety devices:
The suggested contribution is $10 per device and $10 for the safety assessment.
Minor Home Repair Program
The Macomb Community Action Minor Home Repair Program is a free grant funded 
program, available to all Macomb County eligible residents excluding Roseville, St. 
Clair Shores, Clinton Township, Sterling Heights and Warren. These communities 
administer their own programs. Please contact these municipalities directly for in-
formation about their programs. To qualify, you must be income eligible, be the 
owner-occupant of your residence, and meet one of the following criteria; (1) senior 
citizen age 60 or older; (2) severely disabled; or (3) mobile home owner-occupant.
Please Note: Rentals and dwellings located in a floodplain are excluded from this 

Samaritan House
62324 Van Dyke
Washington, MI 48094
Phone: 586-336-9956
As an independent Christian organization, Samaritan House is not bound to governmental 
restrictions regarding miscellaneous assistance. When a client has a need that may not fall 
within other specified categories, Samaritan House can consider that need. We have been 
able to assist with water well pumps, structural repairs to dwellings, medical needs, and 
furnace and water heater repair or replacement. Much of this assistance is given in cooper-
ation with other agencies.


Monroe County Opportunity Program (M.C.O.P.)
1140 S.Telegraph 
Monroe, MI  48161
Phone: 734-241-2775
The Weatherization Assistance Program is a federally funded, residential energy 
conservation program. The program provides free home energy conservation 
services to homeowners and renters. These services reduce energy use and lower 
utility bills, thus creating more self-sufficient households. Services include:
Also participates in the DTE Refridgerator Exchange Program!


OLHSA  (Oakland Livingston Human Services Agency)
Central Office (Oakland County)
196 Cesar E. Chavez Ave.
P.O. Box 430598
Pontiac, MI  48343-0598
Phone: 248-209-2600   800-482-9250 Toll-Free
South Office (Oakland County)
1956 Hilton 
Ferndale, MI  48220-1719
Phone: 248-542-5860
Weatherization Assistance Program
Free energy conservation services for eligible low-income households help reduce 
energy usage and lower utility bills. Services include appliance combustion testing, 
installing insulation/ventilation, and interior sealing of major cold-air infiltration, 
areas utilizing blower door technology. Applicants must meet and complete applica-
tion process.
Energy Education
Offered in small group settings to provide low-cost,no-cost, do-it-yourself energy 
saving information to help participants lower utility bills through energy saving 
behavior. Participants receive a variety of energy saving, easy to install products 
to begin their energy saving project.
Do you live in Commerce Meadows or Stratsford Villa Mobile Home Park?

Woodland Estates Mobile Home Park?
OLHSA can help with:
1.  Repairs to your roof, siding, and gutters
2.  Floor repair
3.  Repairs or replacement of heating systems, defective electrical wiring
4.  Installing ramps, upgrading mobile homes for handicap accessibility
5.  Repairs to bathrooms and kitchens
6.  Replacement of windows and exterior doors for energy conservation measures
7.  And more!

Habitat For Humanity of Oakland County
150 Osmun 
Pontiac, MI 48342-3125
Phone: 248-338-1843
Habitat for Humanity of Oakland County is known for building affordable homes, but 
we don’t stop there! We also care about making sure that your utility bills are affordable 
too. We have partnered with Consumers Energy and their Helping Neighbors Program to 
offer FREE home energy assessments to qualified residents in Oakland County. 
Benefits of the Helping Neighbors Program include:


Washtenaw County Home Weatherization Program
415 W Michigan Ave.  
Ypsilanti, MI  48197
Phone: 734-544-3008
The Weatherization Assistance Program provides free weatherization services 
to qualified Washtenaw County residents. The program is implemented through 
Wash-tenaw County in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) &
is designed to help residents lower their utility bills. We perform a free energy 
audit and based on the results of that audit, we provide eligible repairs on the 
home for free. Homeowners and renters that meet the eligibility requirements 
are welcome to apply. 
Free home improvements may include:
Manufactured Home Rehabilitation Program
This program offers a grant to repair manufactured homes owned and occupied by 
low-income households located within a manufactured home park, and within Urban 
County jurisdictions. These one-time grants may be used for roof repairs, emergency 
repairs to heating systems or water heaters. Eligibility for other needed renovations 
are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
The Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program 
Can assist homeowners in many areas of Washtenaw County with needed home 
repairs.The Housing Rehabilitation Program can provide home improvements to 
owner-occupied homes throughout Urban County jurisdictions for families earn-
ing 80% or less of the area median income.Through this program, eligible work is 
assigned to an OCED-approved, licensed contractor. There is no immediate cost 
to the homeowner for these repairs, but the cost of the project will result in a 0% 
interest lien that will run with the property until the house is sold. There are no 
payments required until the time of sale or change in ownership. This property 
lien is gradually forgiven over a 30-year period following the completion of the 
rehabilitation work. If the owner resides in the property for the full 30-year period, 
the lien will be completely forgiven and no payment will be required.
Due to high demand for the program there is a long waiting list for services, 
approximately 6-12 months
NOTE: At this time the Single Family Housing Rehabilitation Program waiting list 
is closed. We are not accepting new applications for the Single Family Housing Rehabilitation Program at this time. You should still call us if you are experiencing 
an emergency situation with your furnace, water heater or sewer line. 
Updated: 7/1/20

​​Furnace Test and Tune Program
Washtenaw County OCED
415 W. Michigan Ave.  Suite 2200
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
Phone: 734-544-3005
The Furnace Test and Tune Program is implemented by Washtenaw County in 
partnership with the DTE Energy Efficiency Assistance Program. We provide 
a free furnace tune-up that ensures your furnace will run more efficiently, last 
longer, and operate safely. 
Other potential work may include:
1.  Furnace repairs
2.  Installation of new energy-saving programmable thermostat
3.  Installation of LED light bulbs
How to Apply:
Eligibility for the Furnace Test and Tune program is based on household income.
You may be automatically eligible if you can provide documentation showing that 
you qualify for one of several low-income assistance programs.
Emergency Repair Program: 
This emergency assistance program is offered to owner-occupied properties in 
participating Washtenaw County jurisdictions. 
Emergency repair grants or loans may be offered to pay for construction work 
to correct items that are determined by the Rehabilitation Specialist to be of an 
immediate nature.The OCED Emergency Repair Program can currently assist 
eligible homeowners with urgent repairs related to furnaces, water heaters or 
sewer issues. Emergency grants will be limited to a one-time assistance during 
a five-year period regardless of whether a grant or loan was received originally.
This program offers funding for urgent repairs up to $5,000 as a grant or up to 
$10,000 as a deferred payment loan to low-income, owner-occupied households 
within the jurisdictions of the Urban County. Emergency repair loans shall be in 
the form of a deferred, no interest property lien that is forgiven at a rate of one-
fifth per year for the five-year period after project completion.
Plumbing Repair Program 
Our Plumbing Repair Program offers free plumbing improvements for qualified 
homeowners and renters!
You may be eligible for these repairs: 
1.  Improved access to hot and cold water in kitchen and bathroom
2.  Faucets, toilet, shower/bath
3.  Sewer, septic, well
4.  Other critical plumbing repairs 
Funding is only available through December 2020. Call us as soon as possible 
to begin the application process!
The Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program 
Assists homeowners in many areas of Washtenaw County with needed home 
repairs.The Housing Rehabilitation Program can provide home improvements 
to owner-occupied homes throughout Urban County jurisdictions for families 
earning 80% or less of the area median income. Through this program, eligible 
work is assigned to an OCED-approved, licensed contractor. There is no imm-
ediate cost to the homeowner for these repairs, but the cost of the project will 
result in a 0% interest lien that will run with the property until the house is sold. 
There are no payments required until the time of sale or change in ownership. 
This property lien is gradually forgiven over a 30-year period following the com-
pletion of the rehabilitation work. If the owner resides in the property for the full 
30-year period, the lien will be completely forgiven and no payment will be re-
Due to high demand for the program there is a long waiting list for services, 
approximately 6-12 months.
NOTE: At this time the Single Family Housing Rehabilitation Program waiting 
list is closed. We are not accepting new applications for the Single Family 
Housing Rehabilitation Program at this time. You should still call us if you are 
experiencing an emergency situation with your furnace, water heater or sewer 
line. Updated: 7/1/20

Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley
Administrative Office:
2805 S Industrial Hwy.  Suite 100
Ann Arbor, MI  48104
Phone: 734-677-1558
Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley has been building and rehabbing homes 
in Washtenaw County since 1989. But, our work does not stop there. We pro-
vide home repairs for home-owners in Greater Washtenaw County who are 
of low-income. Our goal is to provide improvements to your home that reduce 
your energy consumption, energy costs and the impact on the environment.  
We also strive to provide financial and personal stress relief for homeowners 
who are struggling with high energy and repair costs. We offer minor exterior 
improvements such as gutter cleaning and yard clean-up to major repairs such 
as roof or furnace replacement.
Habitat for Humanity Huron Valley, in partnership with DTE, offers FREE testing 
and tune ups of your furnace. If you live in greater Washtenaw county and you 
own your home (rental homes, condos and multiple-residence structures are not 
eligible) we may be able to provide you with a FREE test and tune of your furnace. 
We can also provide you with other energy-saving measures including LED light
bulbs, thermostats and water flow regulators.
This summer, we are continuing to offer our free refrigerator replacement program. 
Families that meet the guidelines or have a COVID-related financial hardship and 
have a refrigerator built before January 2014 may be eligible for a new ENERGY 
STAR unit. 
Through its Repair Corps program, Home Depot has helped Habitat for Humanity 
of Huron Valley provide new roofs, exterior repairs and energy saving measures 
to Veterans in Washtenaw County. When troops are away from home, family life 
can be stressful for those left behind, and home repairs are often overlooked. 
That's why Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractors are working with 
Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley to offer new roofs to service men and 
women in need.