The National Runaway Hotline operates a "Home Free" program  in conjunction with 
Greyhound Bus Line that will reunite you with your family. They offer other services 
as well to runaways that's worth checking out including a message service. United 
Airlines is also the official airline of this organization.

Since 1995, the Home Free program has helped over 16,000 families by providing free 
bus tickets. To get a free ticket home, a person must be between the ages of 12 and 21, 
must call the NRS helpline (1-800-RUNAWAY). They also must be named on a runaway 
report and be willing to return to their family. The family or guardian also needs to agree 
to receive them at home. If the individual hoping to return home is under the age of 15, 
Home Free also provides a free ticket for the child's parent or guardian. A person can 
only get a ticket home through the program twice!

(Look under RUNAWAY RESOURCES webpage as well for other resources!)

NOTE: To find housing once you arrive at your hospital treatment center, please look under
FINANCIAL RESOURCES 2 to find those free lodging resources towards the bottom of the 


Fisher House™ Foundation, Inc.
12300 Twinbrook Pkwy.  Suite 410
Rockville, MD  20852
Phone: 888-294-8560
Website: https://fisherhouse.org/programs/hero-miles
The Hero Miles Program provides round-trip airline tickets to wounded, injured, and 
ill service members and/or their families who are undergoing treatment at a military 
or VA medical center; or who are attending an authorized event. Flights are made 
possible through frequent flyer mile donations made by individual airline passengers. 
Fisher House Foundation administers the Hero Miles program in partnership with the 
Dept.of Defense.
Two categories of eligible recipients:
1.  Wounded, injured, and ill service members on approved leave may be given a round 
     trip airline ticket for a trip from the medical center to their home or to attend an 
     authorized event, if they are not eligible for government funded airfare. 
2.  Wounded, injured, and ill service members may be given a round-trip airline ticket 
     to enable their family or close friends visit them while they are undergoing treatment 
     at an authorized medical center.

Luke's Wings 
1054 31st Street, Suite 540
Washington, DC 20007
Phone: 202-803-2041 
Email: information@lukeswings.org 
Website: https://lukeswings.org
 Luke’s Wings steps in, providing complimentary airfare to wounded, ill, and injured 
service members and their loved ones to bridge this gap, keeping military families 
connected on their journey to recovery. These flights bring mental, physical, emoti-
onal, and financial support, empowering wounded service members to overcome 
challenges they face every step of the way.

Holyoke, MA  01040
Phone: 413-250-0765
Email: info@vetair.org
Website: https://www.vetair.org
Vet Air is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to ensuring that veterans have
the necessary travel solutions to and from their medical care appointments free of 
charge. Additionally, Vet Air also supports compassion flights in order to provide 
Veterans and their families with the experience of flight. This is accomplished by 
partnering with a network of volunteer pilots, aircraft owners, commercial aviators 
and with ground transport providers dedicated to providing transportation to veterans. 

Veterans Airlift Command
5775 Wayzata Blvd.  Suite 700
St. Louis Park, MN  55416
Phone: 952-582-2911
Email: info@veteransairlift.org 
Website: https://www.veteransairlift.org/VACHelp.html
The VAC provides free air transportation to post-9/11 combat wounded and their families 
for medical and other compassionate purposes through a national network of volunteer 
aircraft owners and pilots. 

Email: info@aircarealliance.org
Website: https://www.aircarealliance.org/about-aca/contact-us
Using their own time and general aviation aircraft, pilot volunteers from the many public 
benefit flying organizations help hundreds of people each month.They and many other 
non-flying volunteers work to transport patients in need to facilities where they are able 
to receive medical attention they might otherwise have to do without. Many groups also 
play a significant role providing disaster and emergency relief, serving our veterans, fly-
ing for environmental support, transporting animals, taking youth on educational flights, 
or performing other community service missions.

on this website for more resources & help! Click on the highlighted links! 


Patient Airlift Services PALS
Phone: 631-694-PALS  (7257)
Website: www.palservices.org 
To help a child battling a medical illness get a free flight to a doctor who can save 
their life. To connect a wounded veteran with a service dog. Arranges volunteer 
medical flights in the greater Northeast region as far west as Ohio and as far south 
as Virginia. 

Alex's Lemonade Stand
Phone: 866-333-1213
Website: www.alexslemondadeorg
Funding for transportation and lodging is available for eligible families who are 
financially burdened by traveling away from their home hospital for care that is 
only available elsewhere. 

Compass to Care
Phone: 773-657-3269
Website: www.compasstocare.org
Schedules and pays for travel arrangements to the hospital where a child is being 
treated for cancer. Must be at least a 60 mile distance.

Lifeline Pilots 
4507 N. Sterling Ave. Suite 402
Peoria, IL  61615
Phone: 800-822-7972
Website: https://lifelinepilots.org
To facilitate free air transportation through volunteer pilots for financially distressed 
passengers with medical and humanitarian needs.

Patient Airlift Services 
7110 Republic Airport, 2nd Floor
Farmingdale, NY  11735
Phone: 631-694-PALS (7257)
Website: https://palservices.org/about-pals
Patient AirLift Services is a nonprofit that arranges free flights for medical patients 
requiring medical diagnosis, treatment or follow-up who cannot afford or are unable 
to fly commercially. PALS also arranges volunteer flights for family members of patients 
as compassionate missions, to ensure patients have support when they are away from 
home for long periods. PALS is proud to assist military personnel and their families with 
free flights to aid in the recovery and rehabilitation processes for our wounded veterans.
Finally, PALS has a history of supporting humanitarian efforts in the event of natural or 
man-made disasters.

Footprints in the Sky 
7375 S. Peoria  Suite # 209  B-10
Centennial, CO  80112-4157
Phone: 303-799-0461
Website: https://www.footprintsflights.org
Footprints in the Sky is a Denver-based 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated 
to providing flights to medical facilities throughout the United States, for all people 
in need of medical care, whether it be routine in nature, critical or life-saving. Our 
goal is to provide humanitarian assistance to patients without the financial capability 
and resources to facilitate this travel for themselves.

Children's Flight of Hope 
1005 Dresser Ct.
Raleigh, NC  27609
Phone: 919-466-8593
Email: missions@cfoh.org
Website: https://www.childrensflightofhope.org
Children’s Flight of Hope (CFOH) offers hope and healing to families by providing air 
transportation to children in need of specialized medical care. For most families, this 
means we reserve tickets on commercial airlines for the child and one adult companion 
to travel for treatment. Some families travel once a year, some every three weeks and 
many have changing needs as a child’s treatment evolves. On limited occasions, our 
resources allow us to provide private flights for a child who is medically unable to travel 
on a commercial airline.

The National Children's Cancer Society 
500 N. Broadway    Suite 1850 
St Louis, MO  63102 
Phone: 314-241-1600 
Website:  https://www.thenccs.org/financial-assistance
The Emergency Assistance Fund provides $300 in emergency assistance per year 
to families who have a child that has been inpatient or away from home for (15) 
consecutive days within the past three months. 
May be used for mortgage, rent, utility payments, child care, health insurance premiums, 
car expenses or treatment-related expenses such as meals away from home, prescriptions, 
and parking.
Transportation Assistance Fund:
Our Transportation Assistance Fund alleviates the financial burden of travel and lodging 
for families who have a child with cancer. This includes transportation expenses such as 
mileage, airfare and lodging when a child needs to stay near the hospital for treatment and 
non-profit lodging is unavailable.
1. Child must be diagnosed with cancer. If child has a brain tumor, the tumor must be 
    high grade (III or IV) or anaplastic to be eligible.
2. Child must have been diagnosed on or before his/her 18th birthday and treated before
    his/her 21st birthday. Adults who relapse after their 18th birthday and who were not 
    previously assisted are not eligible for services.
3. Child must be a citizen of the United States or reside in the United States with an I-551 
    card (green card) for 12 months without prior history of the current illness.
4. Guardian applying for assistance must have less than $5,000 in easily accessible bank 
    accounts (such as checking and savings)

5740 S. Eastern Ave. Suite 240
Las Vegas, NV  89119
Phone: 702-261-0494   800-359-1711
Email: flightspecialist@miracleflights.org
Website: https://miracleflights.org
Today, we're the Nation's leading medical flight charity and one of the only national 
non-profits headquartered in Las Vegas. We arrange more than 600 flights every month 
to medical facilities across the country. Most of those we serve will require numerous 
flights over the course of their lifetime; some have already been flying with us for more 
than a decade. 

Mercy Medical Angels 
4620 Haygood   Suite 1
Virginia Beach, VA  23455
Phone: 757-318-9174
Website: https://mercymedical.org
Welcome to Mercy Medical Angels where removing the barrier to medical care is our mission. 
We provide transportation on the ground and in the air to clinical care for those in need. Since 1972 Mercy Medical Angels has led the nation with charitable transportation to medical care. 
Today more than 17,000 free trips to medical care are provided each year, ensuring that no one 
in need is denied medical care because they don’t have transportation

Corporate Angel Network, Inc.
Westchester County Airport
One Loop Road
White Plains, NY  10604-1215
Phone: 914-328-1313  
Email:  Info@CorpAngelNetwork.org
Website: http://corpangelnetwork.org/#/home
At Corporate Angel Network, our mission is to arrange free travel on private planes for 
cancer patients, bone marrow donors and recipients and stem cell donors and recipients. 
If you are a patient or a donor, we ask that you meet the following criteria: 
1.  You are a cancer patient, a bone marrow donor or recipient, or a stem cell donor 
     or recipient.
2.  You will be traveling to a treatment, consultation, or check-up.
3.  You will be traveling to recognized treatment centers as listed with the  
     National Cancer Institute or the American College of Surgeons.
4.  You are mobile and able to walk up the steps of a corporate aircraft without 
5.  You do not require oxygen, IV medication, or medical assistance while onboard 
     the plane.
Can a spouse or friend fly?
If a second seat is available, a patient may bring one adult companion, and children 
under the age of 21 may bring two adults. Corporate participants are accustomed to 
receiving requests for at least two seats, but if the patient is a child, Corporate Angel 
Network can inquire about the availability of three seats. 

Email: info@aircarealliance.org
Website: https://www.aircarealliance.org/about-aca/contact-us
Using their own time and general aviation aircraft, pilot volunteers from the many public 
benefit flying organizations help hundreds of people each month.They and many other 
non-flying volunteers work to transport patients in need to facilities where they are able 
to receive medical attention they might otherwise have to do without. Many groups also 
play a significant role providing disaster and emergency relief, serving our veterans, fly-
ing for environmental support, transporting animals, taking youth on educational flights, 
or performing other community service missions.

Air Charity Network 
Phone: 877-621-7177
Website: http://aircharitynetwork.org/home/passengers/qualifications
All adult passengers must be ambulatory. Most of our pilot’s planes are 4 or 6 seat, 
non-pressurized general aviation aircraft. Getting in and out of one may be compared 
to getting in and out of the back seat of a small car. Therefore, all passengers must be 
able to sit upright for the duration of the flight and wear a seat belt.
Compelling Reason:
There may also be some reason why private aircraft is the only option over commercial transportation. For example, if an individual lives in a rural area without easy access to 
commercial transportation, or a person is highly susceptible to infection and cannot be 
exposed to crowds, or if someone cannot afford commercial transportation.
While there is no formula for screening passengers, we must still determine, at our 
discretion, whether there is a demonstrated financial reason that conventional trans-
portation cannot be used.You will be required to provide information regarding your 
financial situation, including your income. We must also be able to verify with a third 
party, such as a social worker or doctor, that there is truly a need for our services.
Medical Condition:
Passengers must be medically stable, ambulatory, and be able to sit up in an airplane 
seat for the duration of the flight. Our pilots are not medically trained. We are not an 
air ambulance service, nor do we provide medical assistance during our flights. Med-
ical Release Passengers will be required to provide a medical release signed by their 
local physician indicating the passenger has a satisfactory medical condition to take 
the flight. We will fax the release from our office to your local physician.

Allyson Whitney Foundation
PO Box 586
Rock Hill, NY 12775
Email: info@allysonwhitney.org
Website: https://www.allysonwhitney.org
“Life Interrupted Grants™” are provided by the Allyson Whitney Foundation to U.S. 
citizens between the ages of 16 and 36 years of age, who are currently undergoing 
treatment or recently finished protocol. Grants help cover unanticipated expenses 
including rent, transportation hotels, rent, medical expenses, fertility options, inte-
grative therapies, and wigs. Check out eligibility requirements under GRANT INFO.

Angel Flight, Inc.
12345 E. Skelly Dr.
Tulsa, OK  74128
Phone: 918-749-8992
Email: angel@angelflight.com
Website: www.angelflight.com
In order to use Angel Flight the patient must meet these requirements.
1.    Patients must be ambulatory and able to travel in a small, non-pressurized 
       aircraft, without access to lavatory facilities, for the duration of the flight
2.    Must have a personally signed letter from the physician
3.    Alternate air transportation is not affordable or feasible
4.    Must have a legitimate medical need to avoid lengthy surface transportation
5.    Qualified personnel must accompany a patient requiring attention or assistance
6.    Typically, patients are allowed to be accompanied by one family member or 
       support person
7.    Must have ground transportation to and from the airport
8.    Must sign a waiver form releasing Angel Flight, Inc. and volunteer pilots from 
9.    Angel Flight aircraft are not equipped for medical emergencies and Angel Flight 
       volunteers are not able to provide any medical service before, during, or after 
       the flight
10.  All equipment and medical staff required must be provided with doctors approval. 
       Patients may carry their own oxygen.
11.  Passengers should be aware that baggage in excess of 50 pounds total may not 
       be accommodated
12.  Under most circumstances, in order to find an available pilot, the flight must be 
       scheduled at least five working days in advance
13.  Flights may be canceled due to weather
14.  Patient should have back-up transportation 
15.  Pilot is the final authority as to the conduct of each flight

Lazarex Cancer Foundation
P.O. Box 741
Danville, CA  94526  
Phone: 925-820-4517   877-866-9523 Toll Free
Email: info@lazarex.org
Website: https://lazarex.org/helping-you/looking-for-help
We can help. If you are a cancer patient who needs help navigating your clinical trial 
options or financial assistance to attend a clinical trial, we’d like to hear from you.Our 
patient navigator can help you find the right clinical trial. We can also help you with 
the costs associated with participating in a clinical trial, including:
1.  Transportation (airfare, gas, rental cars, taxi fare, parking/tolls)
2.   Lodging (short- and long-term housing)
3.   Certain medical expenses not covered by insurance and necessary 
      for clinical trial treatment

Wings of Mercy Inc.
100 S. Pine   Suite #393
Zeeland, MI  49423
Phone: 616-396-1077
Website: https://wingsofmercy.org
If you have a medical need for long-distance transportation to receive treatment but cannot 
afford to travel, we can help. We understand the financial burden associated with serious 
illness, especially when it causes a loss of income. Even though health insurance may cover 
the cost of treatment, it rarely covers transportation to a distant medical center.
That’s where we come in. Wings of Mercy bridges this gap, providing free air transportation 
to qualified patients. Our FAA-certified pilots are dedicated to getting you where you need 
to go, east of the Rocky Mountains. Approved patients involved in clinical trials or multiple appointments can contact us for a flight referral any time of year; we just need to verify your eligibility annually.

Zichron Shlome Refuah Fund
Brooklyn, NY 11219
Phone: 718-GET-WELL (438-9355)
Website: http://www.zsrf.org/services.php
Helps with a wide variety of needs including rent & utilities, wigs, retreats, transportation, 
summer camps, plane tickets, etc. for those with cancer.


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