This page has been split into 3 separate pages in order to make it easier 
to find the needed Resources, but to also add even more Resources!

For Gas & Electric Resources, please go to this page:  Gas & Electric Resources

For Cable Internet Resources, please go to this page:   Cable & Internet Resources 

Free wireless services (cell phone, air time, texts) are available for low-income
persons. To qualify for a free government cell phone in Michigan, the client must be
receiving assistance from one of the following programs:
If the client does not receive assistance from any of the above programs, 
s/he may still be eligible if his/her household income is less than 135% 
of the national poverty level.

Affordable basic telephone assistance for low-income families (150% of the
poverty guidelines: The benefits vary depending on telephone service 
providers. On average, most customers save about $100 off their annual 
telephone bills and approximately 50% off their local telephone installation 
charge, and have the option of blocking outgoing long distance calls free 
of charge. For more information, contact your local telephone company 
and ask for the “Lifeline Telephone Assistance Program.”
Website: http://www.att.com/gen/general?pid=10273


A free captioned telephone that displays text of conversations 
in near real-time on a large color touchscreen so the person 
can see and hear what callers are saying is available to anyone 
with a hearing loss, regardless of their age,income, insurance 
or veteran status. The phone and service is paid for with federal
funding. Available from ClearCaptions.
To get a free phone, call Tracy Salisbury at
(810) 360-9364 or tracy.dunk-salisbury@clearcaptions.com


Lifeline Service AND Link-Up
Lifeline Telephone Assistance is available to help qualified
customers with their monthly phone bills. Lifeline service
provides a discount on your monthly bill. You may be qualified
if you receive some form of government assistance. Reduces
the installation charge for phone service by 50%, up to $30
for qualified customers. Also provides discounts for basic
local wireline telephone service on monthly telephone bills.
All local wireline telephone service providers in Michigan
are required to provide Link-Up and Lifeline.
Contact your local telephone company to apply!

Access Wireless 
Website: https://www.accesswireless.com/lifeline/state?zipcode=48043

Ameritech Michigan Lifeline
Phone: 1-800-621-8650
Phone: 1-800-244-4444
Website:  www.att.com/lifeline
CenturyTel Lifeline Service                           
Phone: 800-201-4099                                          
Website:  www.centurytel.com
Phone service for income-eligible families.
AT&T Directory Assistance Exemption
Phone: 800-244-4444
Website:  www.att.com
Offers free local directory assistance to AT&T customers 
with visual impairments who have difficulty using a telephone 
directory. A physician's prescription is required.

Assurance Wireless          
P.O. Box 686
Parsippany, NJ  07054
Phone:  888-898-4888
Email: ourteam@assurancewireless.com 
Website: www.assurancewireless.com
Same criteria as program above.  

Budget Mobile 
Website: http://www.fasts.org/free-cell-phone-providers/budget-mobile

Reach Out Wireless
P.O. Box 27168
Columbus, OH 43224
Phone: 877-870-9444
If you participate in a government low-income assistance program, 
you qualify for free mobile service. Only one phone per address. 

Safelink Wireless
P.O. Box 220009
Milwaukie, OR 97269-0009
Phone: 1-800-723-3546
Website: www.safelinkwireless.com/Enrollment/Safelink/en/Public/NewHome.html
Same criteria as program above.

Tag Mobile 
Website: https://www.tagmobile.com

CALL FOR HELP / Emergency Senior Cell Phone Program
Oakland County Sheriff's Office
1200 N. Telegraph  Bldg.  38E
Pontiac, MI 
Phone: 248-975-9700
Website:  http://www.oakgov.com/Pages/home.aspx
Free cell phones that can contact help in an emergency are distributed from 9 a.m. 
to noon every Friday for those living in Oakland County. 



Wayne Metropolitaan Community Action Alliance (WRAP)  
Water Residential Assistance Program
Phone: 313-388-9799
Website: https://www.waynemetro.org/wrap
The Water Residential Assistance Program (WRAP) is a two year program 
that provides funding to eligible, low-income homeowners to assist with 
water bills, water conservation, and self-sufficiency initiatives.The Water 
Residential Assistance Program (WRAP) is a two year program that provides 
funding to eligible, low-income homeowners to assist with water bills, water 
conservation, and self-sufficiency initiatives.
         and referrals


Check the instructions & agencies at the TOP of the page before calling 
these agencies! 

Please look under the Veterans Financial Resources page on this site 
to find programs that are just for YOU! 

Detroit LIbrary TIP LINE
Phone: 313-481-1400 
Website: http://www.detroitpubliclibrary.org/specialservice/tip
Referral for Wayne, Oakland and Macomb Counties and website can only 
be accessed from a Detroit library computer. Call the number above for help.

Health Emergency Lifeline Programs (H.E.L.P.)              
1726 Howard
Detroit, MI  48216
Phone: 313-832-3300  OR  888-435-5655
Email:  help@helpoffice.org
Website:  www.helpoffice.org
Helps low-income people with utilities including water bills.  
Must have HIV/AIDS and/or Hepatitis C.

Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency      
Corporate Office: 
7310 Woodward Ave., Suite 800
Detroit, MI  48202
Phone:  313-388-9799  Detroit Residents ONLY    TTY: 1-800-649-3777
2121 Biddle Ave.                                   
Wyandotte, MI  48192                                              
Phone:  734-284-6999        
M-F  8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Website:  www.waynemetro.org
If you need help with paying utility bills or restoring your utility services, 
contact the Wayne Metro CONNECT Call Center at the number above to 
learn if you are eligible for assistance. If you are eligible, you will be given 
an appointment to meet with a Direct Service Specialist (DSS) at one of the 
many Wayne Metro sites throughout Wayne County. (The Wayne Metro 
CONNECT Call Center will tell you about any documents you must bring 
to your appointment. Your specialist will guide you through all necessary 
steps to access utility assistance programs or to get your utilities restored.
You will also meet with a Community Resource Navigator (CRN) who will guide 
you to other beneficial services and programs to help you find employment, 
advance your education, build financial security, improve your housing situation, 
and address any other needs that you or your family may have. 
Home Energy Supports
If you are a Wayne County resident, our Home Energy Supports program 
can provide you with assistance in paying past-due utility bills including 
electricity and gas (or other deliverable fuels such as home heating oil). 
We can also provide guidance to help you get your utility services restored 
if they have been shut off.
Water Residential Assistance Program (WRAP)
The WRAP’s mission is to administer the distribution of the Great Lakes Water 
Authority (GLWA) WRAP funding to the eligible, low-income residential customers 
of the GLWA service areas, with a vision to create a transformative water utility 
assistance program focusing on bill assistance, conservation, and self-sufficiency 
City of Detroit residents who are not eligible for WRAP assistance can enroll 
in the DWSD 10/30/50 Payment Plan.The plan allows for customers to pay down 
arrears by spreading them across future payments. For more information please 
call 313-267-8000 or visit www.detroitmi.gov/dwsd.
One-time assistance of up to $500 per household for the City of Highland Park
Income restrictions and eligibility requirements apply.
Look under "Weatherization Resources" as well!

The Detroit Water and Sewerage Plan 
Phone: 313-267-8000
The city's repayment plan has no income restrictions and lets customers spread 
payments over a 24-month period. Customers who have been shut-off must put 
down 10% deposits for restoration, 30% if they are shut-off a second time and 50% 
following a third shut-off. 

The Water Access Volunteer Effort Fund / The WAVE Fund  
Main Office - Water Board Building
735 Randolph 
Detroit, MI  48226
Eastside Office
13303 E. McNichols
Detroit, MI  48205
Westside Office
15600 Grand River
Detroit, MI  48227
Phone:  313-267-8000
Open Monday- Friday from 8:30 am-5:00 pm
Email: wave@wmenergy.com
Website: https://www.wavefund.org
Website: http://detroitmi.gov/dwsd     
The WAVE Fund is designed to provide assistance to low-income 
residents of the City of Detroit. Proof of low-income status must be 
provided in the form of Department of Human Services credentials, 
evidence of unemployment benefits, social security and/or disability 
•The account must be in the resident's or spouse's name and the applicant 
must live at the account address.
•The customer should discuss bill payment options with the Detroit Water 
and Sewerage Department (DWSD) before applying for WAVE Fund assistance
•Service must be off or a shut-off notice received. Shut-off notice is waived 
for seniors over 62 years old (Overdue notice is sufficient).
•WAVE assists with paying the dollar amount needed to restore or maintain 
water services.The maximum allowance for assistance is 50% of the bill up 
to $500
•Customers may receive WAVE Fund help only once in any calendar year.
•The WAVE Fund assistance must restore service or assure service contin-
uation for at least 30 days
•The customer must make arrangements with DWSD to pay any remaining 
balance over the amount of the WAVE funding provided.
•Applicants should apply for all other state federal or private assistance.
Detroit residents may apply for WAVE assistance by calling 313-267-8000 
or visiting a Detroit Water & Sewerage Department (DWSD) Customer Care 
Center. DWSD staff will complete the paperwork and submit to WAVE for 
ALSO, please be sure to bring the following (3) items with you to the Water 

P.O. Box 480
Royal Oak, MI  48068
Offers the Lets Keep the Lights On program as well as water utility 
assistance. Open to Wayne County & Oakland County.

24 Avalon 
Highland Park, MI  48203 
Phone: 313-279-0608 
Email:  water4detroit@gmail.com 
Website: www.hydratedetrot.org 
A water relief non-profit organization providing immediate emergency 
water deliveries and water restoration to families in the City of Detroit 
experiencing water shutoffs.  

Downriver Community Conference                
15100 Northline             
Southgate, MI  48195          
Phone:  734-362-3475  Weatherization
Phone:  734-362-7059   Utility help   (new phone number!)
Website:  www.dccwf.org
Financial assistance to income eligible families for household energy 
bills  (Not eligible for those in Brownstown, Dearborn, Lincoln Park, 
Southgate, Taylor, Woodhaven or Wyandotte). See Wayne-Metro CAA above!
Weatherization repairs to homes to decrease energy cost:  
Allen Park, Brownstown Twp., Ecorse, Flat Rock, Gibraltar, Grosse Isle, 
Lincoln Park, Melvindale, River Rouge, Riverview, Rockwood, Romulus, 
Southgate, Taylor, Trenton, Woodhaven, Wyandotte.

Detroit Area Agency on Aging--1A
1333 Brewery Park Blvd., Suite 200
Detroit, MI 48207
Phone: 313-446-4444
Website:  www.daaa1a.org
Serves cities of Detroit, Grosse Pointe, Grosse Pointe Farms, Grosse 
Pointe Park, Grosse Pointe Shores, Grosse Pointe Woods, Hamtramck, 
Harper Woods and Highland Park.
Area Agency on Aging--1B
29100 Northwestern Hwy.  Suite 400
Southfield, MI  48034
Phone: 248-357-2255  OR  800-852-7795
Website:  www.aaa1b.org
The Senior Alliance, Inc.--1C
5454 Venoy 
Wayne, MI  48184
Phone: 734-722-2830  OR  800-815-1112
Website:  www.aaa1c.org
Serves all of Wayne County, excluding areas served by Region 1-A

The Information Center
20400 Superior 
Taylor, MI  48180
Phone: 734-282-7171
Email:  info@theinfocenter.info
Website:  www.theinfocenter.info
Utility referral & assistance for downriver residents.

Perfecting Community Development Corporation
7616 E. Nevada 
Detroit, MI 48234
Phone: 313-365-2273
E-mail: information@perfectingcommunity.org
Website: http://perfectingcdc.org
The Community Care Center is the community empowerment division 
and acting human service facility for Perfecting Community Development 
Corporation. Also a THAW utility assistance distribution center.

The Salvation Army / Dearborn Heights Citadel Corps 
26700 Warren 
Dearborn Heights, MI  48127
Phone: 313-563-4457 #105
Water assistance provided as funding is available. Valid Michigan ID 
matching address on past-due or shut-off notice bill, decision letter 
from DHS may be required assistance (depends on City). 

Phone:  Call 2-1-1  Within county                                          
Phone:  1-800-552-1184  Outside the county    


Check the instructions & agencies at the TOP of the page before 
calling these agencies! 

Please look under the Veterans Financial Resources page on this 
site to find programs that are just for YOU! 

Phone:  2-1-1  Within county
Phone:  1-866-561-2500  Outside of county
Searchable 2-1-1 database:  

Area Agency on Aging--Region 2 
102 N. Main 
Brooklyn, MI  48230
Phone: 517-592-1974  OR  800-335-7881
Website:  http://www.r2aaa.net

Community Action Agency Association
400 W. South 
Adrian, MI  49221
Phone:  Lenawee County-  Burt Fenby 517-263-7861  bfenby@caajlh.org
1214 Greenwood
Jackson, MI  49203
Phone:  Jackson County -  Kate Lambert Lee 517-784-5185  klee@caajlh.org
55 Barnard
Hillsdale, MI  48242
Phone:  Hillsdale County-  Maxine Vanlerberg 517-437-3346  mvanlerberg@caajlh.org
Email:  info@caajih.org
Website: http://www.caajlh.org
Maintains an emergency fund for people who are experiencing home 
heating-related emergencies.   Working poor, elderly and handicapped 
residents who have received a shut-off notice or are in need of emergency 
fuel delivery assistance. May have water assistance. 

The Salvation Army--Adrian Corps.
217 W. Church 
Adrian, MI  49221
Phone:  269-265-2038
Website: www.salvationarmyusa.org


Check the instructions & agencies at the TOP of the page before calling 
these agencies! 

Please look under the Veterans Financial Resources page on this site 
to find programs that are just for YOU! 

Michigan Community Action Agency Association
Macomb County Community Services Agency
VerKuilen Building
21885 Dunham   Suite 10
Clinton Twp., MI  48036
Phone: 586-469-6999  
Email: mccsa@macombcountymi.gov
Website: www.macombcounty.gov/mccsa
Macomb Community Services Agency Center
18 Market Street
Mt. Clemens, MI  48043
Phone: 586-469-6964
Northern Macomb Area including Armada, Bruce Township, Chesterfield Twp. 
(north of 23 Mile Rd.)Lenox, Macomb Twp. (north of 23 Mile Rd.), Memphis, 
New Baltimore (north of 23 Mile Rd.), New Haven, Ray, Richmond, Romeo, 
Shelby Twp. (north of 23 Mile Rd.), or Washington Twp.
Contact the North Action Center:
58144 Gratiot
New Haven, MI  48048
Phone:  586-749-5146   
Southern Macomb Area including Roseville, Center Line, Eastpointe, or Warren.
Contact the South Action Center:
22856 Ryan Rd.
Warren, MI  48091
Phone:  586-759-9156
NOTE:  Macomb County Community Services Agency may be able to assist 
with a furnace repair and / or replacement through their Weatherization 
program. However, this is not an emergency service!  Phone: 586-469-6329. 

Veterans Trust Fund
21885 Dunham  Suite 3
Robert A Verkuilen Bldg.
Clinton Twp., MI  48036
Phone: 2-1-1  OR  586-469-5315

The Salvation Army Mt. Clemens Corps.
55 Church 
Mt. Clemens, MI  48043
Phone: 586-469-6712
The Salvation Army-Warren Corps.
24140 Mound
Warren, MI  48066
Phone:  586-754-7400 
Website:  http://centralusa.salvationarmy.org

Jewish Family Services 
Orley Building
6555 W. Maple 
West Bloomfield, MI 48322
Crown Pointe Office Complex
25900 Greenfield  Suite #405
Oak Park, MI 48237
Phone: 248-592-2313   OR  248-661-1836
Website:  www.jfsdetroit.org

Open Door Outreach Center
7170 Cooley Lake 
Waterford, MI  48327
Phone: 248-360-2930
Email:  opendoor4328@sbcglobal.net
Website:  www.opendooroutreachcenter.com
Provides assistance to families experiencing emergency-related utility 
needs as funding permits. 


Check the instructions & agencies at the TOP of the page before calling 
these agencies!

VETERANS: Please look under the Veterans Financial Resources page 
on this site to find programs that are just for YOU! 

Veterans Trust Fund
29 Washington 
Monroe, MI  48161
Phone: 734-240-735
Limited assistance for veterans who have had wartime service. Must have 
a shut-off notice and ability to pay in the future.

Phone:  Call 2-1-1  Within county                                          
Phone:  1-800-552-1184  Outside the county                     

NEW!!  See the Downriver Community Conference listing under Wayne County!

The Salvation Army                                                 
815 E. First Street                                                              
Monroe, MI  48161                                                                     
Phone: 734-241-0404                                                                
Website:  http://centralusa.salvationarmy.org                                                                       
Assistance with utility assistance for qualifying individuals, based on income 
level and who have a shut-off notice and "decision notice" from the Department 
of Human Services.

Monroe Community Opportunity Program  (M.C.O.P.)  
1140 South Telegraph 
Monroe,  MI  48161
Phone:  734-241-2775 ext. 228
Website:  www.monroecountyop.org
Assistance with utility assistance for qualifying individuals, depending 
on income level, who have a shut-off notice AND a"decision notice" from 
the Department  of Human Services. 

Monroe Community Mental Health
1001 South Raisinville 
Monroe, MI  48161
Phone: 734-243-7340
For persons with a documented diagnosis of a serious, persistent mental 
illness, assistance with utilities may be available if the person has received 
two denials from other agencies.  

Monroe Missionary Baptist Church
14260 South Dixie Hwy.
Monroe, MI  48161
Phone: 734-241-6860
Limited assistance with utilities, typically paying only a small portion. 

St. Mary's St. Vincent DePaul
127 N. Monroe Street
Monroe, MI 48162
Phone: 734-241-9067
Limited assistance with utilities, typically paying only a small portion.

St. John's St. Vincent dePaul
511 S. Monroe Street
Monroe, MI  48161 
Phone: 734-241-8910 
Limited assistance with utilities, typically paying only a small portion.

St. Michaels / St. Vincent dePaul
510 W. Front Street
Monroe, MI  48161
Phone: 734-241-8645
Limited assistance with utilities, typically paying only a small portion.  


Check the instructions & agencies at the TOP of the page before 
calling these agencies!

VETERANS:  Please look under the Veterans Financial Resources page 
on this site to find programs that are just for YOU! 

Detroit Library TIP LINE
Phone: 313-481-1400 
Website: http://www.detroitpubliclibrary.org/specialservice/tip
Referral for Wayne, Oakland and Macomb Counties and website can 
only be accessed from a Detroit library computer. Call the number for

Community Sharing Outreach Center 
2909 N. Milford  (Apollo Center)
Box 405
Highland, MI  48357
Phone:  248-889-0347
Email:  info@community-sharing.org
Website:  www.community-sharing.org 
A non-profit agency that offers financial assistance with utility shut-offs 
for in-need residents of Milford, Highland and part of Wixom.  

South Oakland Shelter                                                      
18505 W. 12 Mile     
Lathrup Village, MI  48076                                                   
Phone:  248-809-3773
Website:  www.southoaklandshelter.org
Utility assistance to prevent homelessness.  

Oxford Orion FISH             
487 First 
Oxford Township, MI  48371
Phone:  248-628-3933
Email:  oxfordorionfish@gmail.com
Website:  http://oxfordorionfish.org
Financial assistance to help pay utility shut-offs for those in need 
in a the villages of Oxford, Lake Orion and their townships, and parts 
of Leonard, Lakeville, Addison and Oakland Townships. 

Perfecting Community Care Center                        
7100 E. Davison
Detroit, MI 48212
Phone: 313-365-2273
Email:  swhite@perfectingcommunity.org
Website:  www.perfectingcdc.org
Serves Wayne, Oakland and Macomb Counties. 

Rochester Neighborhood House  
1720 S. Livernois 
Rochester, MI  48307
Phone: 249-651-5836
Website:  www.ranh.org
Helps keep utilities operational. They are a THAW (The Heat and Warmth Fund) 
approved site. Serves those in Auburn Hills, Lakeville, Leonard, Oakland Twp.,
Rochester & Rochester Hills. 

Lighthouse of Oakland County            
46156 Woodward Ave.     
Pontiac, MI  48343
Phone:  248-972-1493
Website:  www.lighthouseoakland.org
Serves all of Oakland County

Salvation Army Farmington Hills
Phone:  248-477-1153
Salvation Army Royal Oak
Phone:  248-585-5600
Website:  http://centralusa.salvationarmy.org

Jewish Family Services 
Orley Building
6555 W. Maple 
West Bloomfield, MI  48322

Crown Pointe Office Complex
25900 Greenfield    Suite #405
Oak Park, MI  48237
Phone:  248-592-2313  OR  248-661-1836
Website:  www.jfsdetroit.org

OLHSA  (Oakland Livingston Human Services Agency)
Central Office (Oakland County)
196 Cesar E. Chavez Ave.      
P.O. Box 430598
Pontiac, MI  48343-0598
Phone:  248-209-2600  OR 1-800-482-9250 (Toll Free)
Email: info@olhsa.org 
South Office (Oakland County)
1956 Hilton 
Ferndale, MI  48220-1719
Phone:  248-542-5860
Email: info@olhsa.org 
OLHSA (Livingston County)
2300 E. Grand River   Suite 107 
Howell, MI  48843-7574
Phone:  517-546-8500
Email:  livingston@olhsa.org
Website: http://olhsa.org/complete-services#Education
Emergency Utility Assistance Program
Assistance for residents with a utility shut-off or notice of pending 
utility shut-off.

Open Door Outreach Center                
7170 Cooley Lake 
Waterford, MI  48327
Phone: 248-360-2930
Email:  opendoor4328@sbcglobal.net
Website:  www.opendooroutreachcenter.com
Crisis funding for residents of Waterford, White Lake, W. Bloomfield, 
Keego Harbor, Sylvan Lake, Walled Lake and parts of Wixom. Referrals 
from other agencies accepted.

Soldiers Relief Fund:  Pontiac
Phone:  248-858-0785
Soldiers Relief Fund:  Troy
Phone:  248-655-1250
Soldiers Relief Fund:  Walled Lake
Phone:  248-926-3368

Our Children's Fund                                    
C/O West Bloomfield School District
5810 Commerce 
West Bloomfield, MI 48324
Funding requests have included necessities such as medical 
& dental expenses, eyeglasses, school supplies & clothing, 
summer school classes & academic enrichment, gas, food, 
utility bills as well as assistance at the holidays in December. 
For over a decade,OCF has been a safety net for our children 
putting hope back into their lives as well as that of their families. 
Only for the school children of this district!! 

Jewish Family Services
Orley Building
6555 W. Maple
West Bloomfield, MI 48322
Crown Pointe Office Complex
25900 Greenfield  Suite #405
Oak Park, MI 48237
Phone: 248-592-2313  OR  248-661-1836
Website: www.jfsdetroit.org

Active Faith Community Services         
401 S. Washington 
PO Box 188
South Lyon,  MI  48178
Phone:  248-437-9790
Website:  http://www.activefaithcs.org/1/230/index.asp
​Our mission is to provide long term and temporary assistance 
to those who have fallen on difficult times in hopes of returning 
them to the independent pursuit of their life’s goals.
This 84 square mile area comes under 6 different municipalities. 
You must live in the South Lyon School District.
1.  South Lyon City 
2.  New Hudson 
3.  Lyon Township 
4.  Green Oak Township 
5.  Salem Township
6.  Northfield Township

Phone:  Call 2-1-1  Within county                                          
Phone:  1-800-552-1184  Outside the county    

P.O. Box 480
Royal Oak, MI  48068
Website: https://www.heretohelpfoundation.org/activek/Who-Can-We-Help--c3
Offers the Lets Keep the Lights On program as well as water utility assistance. 
Open to Wayne County & Oakland County.


Check the instructions & agencies at the TOP of the page before 
calling these agencies!

VETERANS:  Please look under the Veterans Financial Resources page 
on this site to find programs that are just for YOU! 

ALSO:  See Active Faith Community Services directly above for those 
that live in the appropriate area!

e-Washtenaw Data Base 
Website: wwww.ewashtenaw.org/government/
Provides referral and direct assistance to low-income county residents 
who need emergency help with utility payments.The program, funded 
by grants from Washtenaw County and the Michigan Department of Human 
Services (DHS), is a last resort for applicants who have exhausted all other 
community resources.

Washtenaw County Barrier Busters 
415 W Michigan Ave.  2nd Floor
Ypsilanti, MI  48197
Phone: 734-544-6748 
Website: https://www.washtenaw.org/588/Barrier-Busters
Barrier Busters is a group of 90+ social service agencies committed to improving 
services for Washtenaw County residents in need. Each member agency identifies 
a “Barrier Buster” who is an agency's point of contact and facilitates collaborative 
case management between member agencies.To serve residents in need, member 
agencies have access to the "Barrier Busters Emergency Unmet Needs" Fund - 
public and private funds that provides social workers, case managers, and other 
direct service providers access to emergency assistance funds for clients. This 
fund provides agencies an efficient way to prevent evictions and utility shut-offs; 
and assist with other emergency costs that threaten residents’ housing and 
financial stability. Residents in need work with their existing provider to access 
financial assistance.
Please see the Provider List!  
Website: https://www.washtenaw.org/2818/Barrier-Buster-Agency-Provider-List

Saline Area Social Service Inc.
131 E. Michigan Ave.
Saline, MI 48176
Phone: 734-429-4570
Website: Same as above
Utility assistance

Phone 2-1-1  Within county
Phone: 1-800-552-1183  Outside of the county

SOS Crisis Center
101 S. Huron 
Ypsilanti,  MI  48197
Phone:  734-485-8730
Email: info@soscs.org 
Website: www.soscs.org 
Assistance with utility bills as funding allows.

The Salvation Army of Washtenaw County
The Salvation Army--Ann Arbor Corps.
100 Arbana Dr.
Ann Arbor, MI  48103
Phone:  734-668-8353
The Salvation Army-Ypsilanti  Corps.
9 S. Park Street
P.O. Box 980426
Ypsilanti, MI  48198
Website: http://centralusa.salvationarmy.org
Often provides emergency funds for urgent needs. 

Friends In Deed
1196 Ecorse 
Ypsilanti, MI  48198
Phone: 734-484-HELP (5335))
Email:  office@friendsindeedMI.org
Website: https://www.friendsindeedmi.org 
Friends In Deed has been around for a while. For over 35 years, 
we’ve worked to help our neighbors in need by filling in the cracks 
of assistance offered by other organizations and nonprofits in the 
community. In recent years, we expanded our focus. While we still 
have two program areas that help stabilize families in crisis, we now 
have a third program that focuses on building community to end poverty:
Our Direct Assistance Program helps families prevent utility shut off, 
repair a car to get to work or medical appointments, obtain a prescription 
or other one-time medical need and more.
Our Furniture Program helps families obtain basic-needs furniture, 
including beds, kitchen tables and chairs, couches, etc.
Our Circles Program focuses on helping families to lift themselves 
out of poverty. 

Peace Neighborhood Center 
1111 North Maple 
Ann Arbor, MI  48103
Phone: 734-662-3564
Email:  info@peaceneighborhoodcenter.org 
Website:  www.peaceneighborhoodcenter.org 
Case Management Services work one-on-one with families and 
individuals throughout the community who find themselves in 
situations requiring help. Peace offers everything from financial 
to emotional support, whether is it preventing a family's heat from 
being shut off, advocating on their behalf with another agency, etc.  

89 W. Main 
Milan, MI  48160
Phone: 734-439-8420 
Email: info@aidinmilan.org
Website: www.aidinmilan.org 
Aid in Milan provides financial assistance for emergency needs 
such as water & gas/electric.This assistance is available to qualified 
residents of the Milan Area School District and the 48160 zip code. 
Call us for more information.
In addition to submitting a completed intake form, you need to provide:
         (such as a recent utility bill or a lease agreement)
         SSI deposits, or DHHS determination paperwork)

Faith in Action
603 S. Main 
Chelsea, MI  48118
Phone: 734-475-3305
Website: https://www.faithinaction1.org/programs-services
come qualified families are eligible to receive help when they have received 
a shut-off notice or notice to quit/eviction.Staff will negotiate with utility com-
panies and landlords to make sure there is clear understanding of expectations.



Adult Dental


Adult FREE 
Medical Tests, Services 
& Treatments

Adult & Children's
"Special Wish"

AIDS & HIV Resources


Children  & Adolescent
Dental Resources (Including 

Children & Adolescent 
Medical & 

Child Support 

Chore Services 
(OR Other In-Home 
Help Services)



Crime Victim 
& Notification

Crisis Pregnancy 
& Pregnancy 
(Help For Keeping 
& Raising 
Your Baby)


Domestic Abuse 
Sexual Violence

& Employment Training 




Food Programs/

Food Programs/
"Soup Kitchens"

Food Programs/
"Meals on Wheels"

Foster Youth

As Caregivers Resources


Help With Rent 
& Mortgage 


Home Furnishing


Housing Resources

Immigration Resources

Immunization Resources




Low-Cost Car 
& Car Repair Resources

Home Mortgage Assistance

Mental Health 
Substance Abuse 

(for Youths)

Organ Donation



Prisoner & 



Services For 
Personnel And 
Their Families

Tax Services 

Transportation Resources

(And Their 

& Hearing


Youth Programs
& Low-Cost
Summer Camps)

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