NOTE:  JUST ADDED 6/26/2014

The cost of obtaining birth certificates is a barrier to the homeless, returning citizens and others wanting 
to re-enter the workforce but do not have necessary identification.  Oakland County's Board of Commissioners
has passed a Resolution that will allow for a reduced/waived fee for birth certificates for those born in Oakland County only, as long as the individual requesting the reduced or waived fee presents a letter from a social service agency indicating that the person has an economic need.  Wayne County has an Ordinance (Sec. 129-311) that allows for a waiver of fees under $20 or less and allows for social service agencies to assist clients to obtain their birth certificates at 50% of the required fee of $22 upon evidence of economic hardship.  

NOTE:   JUST ADDED 6/24/2013

Did you know The Friend of the Court in ALL of the Counties in the State of Michigan have forgiveness 
and matching programs for state-owed child support arrearages?  If the custodial parent of the child(ren) 
received public assistance, child support arrearages are typically owed to the State.  The forgiveness 
program will waive all of the State-owed arrearages and the matching program will reduce the state-owed 
arrearage by the same amount of the payment made to the custodial parent.  (Any arrearages owed to the 
custodial parent are the property of that parent and only that parent can agree to waive arrearages, accept 
a lower amount or enforce payment).  The forms can be found on any of The Friend of the Court websites 
and do not require a fee or a hearing; just simply fill them out and send them to The Friend of the Court 
in the County in which you owe the child support arrearages for processing.  State-owed child support 
arrearages can be forgiven for a number of reasons such as prior incarceration, medical debt, currently 
residing with the children or custodial parent, disability and a variety of other reasons.  

NOTE:           JUST ADDED 10/23/2012 

There has been a change in the Driver Responsibility Fee statute effective October 1st of 2012. 
The Driver Responsibility Fee is levied by the State against drivers who had seven or more points 
on their driving record or who were convicted of “qualifying offenses.” The fees range from $100 
to $2000. The law was changed in 2009 to allow for payment arrangements over a 24 month period 
which allow the driver to keep their driving privileges if they can get an approved payment arrangement. 
The effect of this law means that people that can’t pay these large fees probably drive without a license 
and insurance. The new law does away with the $150 driver responsibility fee charged for two consecutive
years, for the following violations committed after October 1st: operating a motor vehicle with an expired 
license or without a valid license, having more than one license and failing to surrender licenses from 
other states. 

It also eliminates the $200 driver responsibility fee charged for two consecutive years for the following 
violations committed after October 1st: failing to have insurance, failing to produce proof of insurance 
and knowingly providing false evidence of insurance.

D.H.S. has made a policy change to the Bridge Card (food stamp) Program.  There is now a LIFETIME 
ban on those persons wishing to receive FIP (cash assistance) OR FAP (food stamp) benefits if they 
were convicted two or more times for the use, possession or distribution of controlled substances 
occurring after August 22, 1996.


Gov. Rick Snyder signed legislation in June of 2011, allowing judges to expunge a person's criminal 
record if there are up to three minor offenses on it.  Under current law, the limit is one offense.  A minor 
offense is a misdemeanor or ordinance violation--punishable by no more than a 90-day term and $1,000 
fine--committed when the person was 21 or younger.  The change will make it easier for people to have 
a clear record when looking for work.  

You can find help to do that at the following Resources!

Judge Mathis Community Center                                
19320 Greenfield Road   1 Block North of 7 Mile
Detroit MI 48235
Phone: 313-342-8582
The Judge Mathis Community Center can refer offenders that meet the requirements to an organization 
to aid you in the expungement process.  Pick up an application Monday-Friday from noon to 5 p.m.

Expunge Your Record Workshop
The Wayne County Community College District and the School of Continuing Education and Workforce Development, in partnership with Judge Deborah A. Thomas, are hosting community forums on 
expunging your record. Information provided will include which qualifies for expungement, presentation 
in the criminal justice system and employment opportunities and voting rights for convicted felons. 
Attorneys will be on hand for a Q&A session as well.  For more information and the next available dates, 
please contact the School of Continuing Education and Workforce Development at 313-496-2704.


Criminal Justice Information Center 
Michigan State Police 
7150 Harris Dr. 
Lansing, MI 48913 
Phone:   517-322-1959 
Fax:   517-322-0635  
This is the agency individuals may contact to obtain a copy of their state rap sheet. The criminal 
record repository can also tell the individual who else is legally entitled to have access to his or 
her record. A written request must be submitted to the Criminal Justice Information Center including 
a name for record search, date of birth, race, sex and social security number. A fee of $5, payable 
to the “State of Michigan,” should accompany the request. 

This link is very helpful!


In order to participate in federally-funded financial aid and job programs, it is necessary to register 
for the Selective Service.  The law requires that all males register within 30 days of their 18th birthday.  
Later registrations are accepted but not once a man reaches the age of 26.  If a man is over the age 
of 26 OR  if he is being denied eligibility for federal student financial aid, federal job training or federal 
employment, he should contact Legal Aid at 877-964-4700 for assistance with registering late.  Registration 
can be done online at, at the local post office or high school or by mail at Selective Service 
System, Registration Information Office , P.O. Box 94638, Palatine IL  50094-4638.  Failure to register may
result in prosecution and if convicted, a fine of up to $250,000 and/or a prison term of up to five years. 
(During peacetime, with registration only, the maximum is a fine of up to $2500 and/or a prison term 
of 4 months). 


Michigan ReEntry Law Wiki
An excellent site that covers a huge range of legal issues for prisoners and parolees.  Also covers 
the legal restrictions regarding employment for parolees.  See below for more information on the 
MPRI program in regards to job training, employment, etc.!


The Legal Aid and Defender Association, Inc. in cooperation with the Michigan Prisoner Reentry Initiative, 
have produced a handbook to help parolees understand their legal rights and responsibilities 
upon reentering their community.  The handbook is designed to assist you in making the transition 
from prison to the community.  Parolees frequently have barriers to employment, housing and public 
benefits and child support issues to name a few issues.  This handbook explains your rights to you 
and how you can obtain representation from the L.A.D.A. groups.  

Wayne County Office                                  
613 Abbott                                                        
Detroit MI  48226                                                

Oakland County Office                                     TOLL FREE CLIENT INTAKE LINE:
28 N. Saginaw, Suite 510
Pontiac MI  48342                                                                      877-964-4700
248-253-1548  ext. 4006

Macomb County Office
21885 Dunham, Ste. 4
Clinton Township, MI  48036


Dr. Eric Seiger has partnered with the Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation to provide no-cost tattoo 
removal services to former gang members who voluntarily enroll in an effort to change their lives, eliminate stigmatizing obstacles to employment and to overall healthy lives, and to foster positive community interactions. Individuals need to apply in order to be selected to participate in "Freedom Ink."  To qualify for this program, 
all applicants must commit to living a gang-free life, be employed or currently seeking employment, and perform 
at least 20 hours of community service before beginning the tattoo removal process.  Priority will be given to those with visible gang tattoos (head, neck, forearms) and to those 
who have children.  Also has an MPRI program!
Detroit Hispanic Corporation
1211 Trumbull
Detroit MI  48216
Phone:  313-967-4880 


Please check under the "Parenting Resources" for programs to help you with integrating 
back into your family, including resources for parolees.  


Lifeline Prison Ministry                
P.O. Box 250763
West Bloomfield MI  48325
Phone: 248-250-4043  Larry Gudith
Offers "One Day With God Camps" which reunite inmates with their child, Angel Tree program, 
Inmate-Children summer camps, Celebrate Recovery (12-step Christ-centered program) for inmates 
and their families with habits, hurts or hang-ups, family support groups, mentoring and a letter writing 
team writing and supporting the inmates and his/her family members.  Has over 520 volunteers state-wide 
serving over 2500 inmates and their families. 

Man Power Mentoring Inc.                                             
5575 Conner St.  Suite 201   (MOMS Building)
Detroit MI 
Phone:  313-924-0583  call for an appointment     
Walk-ins welcome Monday & Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
If you are  a parolee who paroled on or after Oct. 1st, 2009  OR are in the M.P.R.I. program, you are eligible 
to have a mentor to assist you through your transition through this program!  If you have children ages 
14-18, they can receive mentoring as well.   Mentoring benefits include being matched with a mentor who 
can increase your resources, get help with your business, on-the-job training or job placement, increase 
your networking opportunities, and get help with family reunification activities. 

jPay Forum

Incarcerated Loved Ones              
Providence Ministries
28351 S. Gratiot  Suite 14
Roseville  MI  48066
Phone:  888-519-9202
A free monthly support group for persons with a family member or friend who is serving time 
behind bars.  The group is held on the first Friday of each month at the address above.  
Call to confirm the time or for more info! 

Hope for Healing Hearts 
Kirk of Our Savior Church
36660 Cherry Hill  (between Newburg & Wayne Roads)
Westland MI  48185
Phone:  734-646-2237  Bonnie
Email:   (Bonnie)
A grief support group for adults that have an incarcerated loved one.  We are a non-profit, 
accepting donations only.  Many words of comfort found here
providing healing to those that live too far to attend. Meetings are the second & fourth  Monday 
of every month, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. 

Mothers Of Inmates Support Team 
Fellowship Chapel Church
7707 W. Outer Drive   P.O. Box 23356
Detroit MI   48223-0356
Phone:  313-531-2025
Email:  (new email address) 
Feel like its your fault that your child is incarcerated?  M.O.I.S.T. is the place for you!  We are a 
Christian support group for mothers and female guardians of children incarcerated.  We welcome 
all the 3rd Monday of each month from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Fellowship Chapel Church except
for the months of July and August.

Family of Prisoners United Support Group
Phone:  248-969-1580   Bertha
Phone and email support for families of the incarcerated and occasional meetings in Auburn Hills.

Destiny and Purpose Community Outreach       
127 North Washington 
Ypsilanti, MI  48197
P.O. Box 19119
Detroit MI  48219 
Email:   Towana Parker 
If you would like to be on her mailing list to get notice of the support group meetings, 
please send Towana an email.  

Family of Prisoners Support Group  (F.O.P.S.) / American Friends Committee 
1414 Hill Street  (behind 1416 Hill Street)
Ann Arbor MI  48104
Phone:  734-761-8283
Meets the third Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at above address.  Its goal is to help 
each other with emotions, money management, resources, transportation, advocacy
and whatever else members find useful. 

LIFT OFF    (a mentoring program for children of prisoners)
Alternatives for Girls
903 W. Grand Blvd.
Detroit MI  48208
Phone:  313-361-4000  #235
Accepting both boys and girls ages 4-19 in this mentoring children of prisoners program.  

Helping Our Prisoners Elevate
Lakeshore Economic Coalition
7310 E. Grand Blvd.
Detroit MI 48202
"2nd Chancers" support group.  Open to families of loved ones incarcerated, 
ex-offenders, past parolee's and probationers, etc.  

80 Strong Community Outreach        
17800 Woodward  Ste. 100-A
Detroit MI  48203
Phone:  866-881-889
A new program to help women who have been incarcerated with provisions necessary 
to survive and stay out of prison, such as food, clothes, shelter, employment referrals 
and to provide spiritual guidance as well as a mentoring program.  

Camp New Day   (for children and youth of incarcerated parents)           
Albright United Methodist Camp
P.O. Box 94
Hopkins MI  49328
Phone:  616-863-6218
Campers will have the opportunity to sleep in cabins, swim, hike, tube,canoe and play, as well as enjoy 
arts and crafts, music, hear stories from the Bible, see some old friends as well as make some new ones.  
At night campers enjoy a campfire.  There is a fee of $369 but partial or full scholarships ARE available 
for all campers.  No child should not attend because of an inability to pay!

Macomb County Caregiver's Choice  Program        
Phone: 586-469-7619
A new Macomb County youth mentoring program for Macomb County children ages 4-18 with a parent 
in prison.  The program receives funding through the U.S. Department of Human Services and is provided
by the county's Michigan State University Extension Office.  Children will be matched with a mentor to 
help them with homework, play sports or lend an empathetic ear.  

Childhelp Michigan
Phone: 248-353-0921
Mentor program provides youth between the ages of 10 and 23, who are involved in the child welfare 
and/or juvenile justice systems, the opportunity to positively interact with an adult mentor.  Also provide 
mentoring to youth at-risk who are referred by their school or parents. 

PO. Box 38659
Detroit MI  48238
Phone: 313-397-9300
If you are 13-18 years old and want to be prepared for your future, meet new friends, travel, learn 
new things and help others all while having fun....then you definitely want to become apart of the 
RubyGirl Teen Program. 

Michigan Prisoner ReEntry Initiative / Mentor Michigan Program
206 E. Michigan
Lansing MI  48933
Phone: 517-241-6493  OR  517-241-5080
A free Mentoring program for children between the ages of 5-17 who have a parent in a Michigan 

AWANA Lifeline Prison Ministries
Phone: 630-213-2000
For prisoners and families of prisoners.

Mothers of Incarcerated Sons   (M.I.S.S.)
P.O. Box 401335
Redford MI  48240


The M.P.R.I. Program in Michigan has been very successful (90% average success across the state!) 
in helping parolees get into job training and jobs along with counseling and many other services such 
as obtaining identification, clothes, food, housing etc. to prevent their return to prison.

The very FIRST step however is for the parolee to speak to their parole agent and obtain their approval 
if the agent feels the parolee is a good match for the program.   Most agencies that are contractors for 
the department however, have a long waiting list so it may take some time to get into the program.   
When the parolee does receive a referral, make sure it is taken to the recommended agency IMMEDIATELY 
to get on the waiting list (make sure your address and phone numbers are on the referral before turning it in!). Call back occasionally and make sure the agency has any updated contact information such as addresses 
and phone numbers.  If they cannot reach you, they will move on to the next person on the 
waiting list! 

PLEASE NOTE:  Very shortly, prisoners who participate while in prison, in the PRE-MPRI program 
and participate in a "in-reach" with their counselor will be given priority over released parolees for 
this program.  This will make it even harder for already released parolees to get a spot in this program. 
Therefore, if you are on parole now, speak to your agent immediately for a referral to the program 
nearest you!  Website:

Catholic Social Services of Wayne County      
Main Office: 
9851 Hamilton Avenue 
Detroit, MI 48202 
Phone: (313) 883-2100 
Dearborn Office: 
Garrison Place Office Building
19855 West Outer Drive    Suite 207E
Dearborn, MI 48124
Phone: (313) 792-9286
Eastside Office: 
15450 E. Jefferson Avenue    Suite 190
Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230
Phone: (313) 852-1200
Michigan Prison Re-Entry Initiative – (MPRI) Contractor
This initiative offers a variety of basic services to parolees and probationers who are being released 
from prison. Services include: Didactic group sessions conducted in the prisons. Follow-up counseling 
for both individual and family, Information and Referral Network.

Matrix Human Services       
Administration Offices:
120 Parsons Street
Detroit MI 48201
Phone: 313-831-1000  
MPRI contractor and programs.  Also Way-to-Work program for transportation. 


Keep in mind that the "Ban the Box" program is making progress and opening the doors for returning 
citizens as well as the free bonding & tax credit programs listed below!  Two companies that have removed questions about criminal histories from their job applications are Target and the Wal-Mart Stores.  This allows 
you to get "a foot in the door" with these companies and get an interview before the background checks are 
done.  Federal labor laws do NOT explicitly prohibit companies from discriminating against ex-offenders.  
Personally, the webmaster of this site HAS been able to get parolees into Target for quite a few years now!  

Probation Parole Outreach & Referral Center             
17800 Woodward Ave.  Suite 215A
Detroit MI  48203
Phone:  313-740-8151
Probation Parole Outreach provides a number of specialized employment assistance programs 
for our clients. The goal of these programs is to assist their specific circumstances and backgrounds 
as opportunities and employment issues.  PPO believes that the opportunity for successful reintegration 
into society for returning citizens is enhanced by their participation in positive and supportive programs.
Assaultive Offenders Employment Support Group (Male and Female)
CSC Employment Support Group (Male and Female)
New Beginnings Support Group (Male and Female clients who have served multiple years
On-the-Job Training (OJT): Only by referral from the agency providing the funding
Substance Abuse Prevention Employment Support Group
Housing & Shelter Referrals
Substance Abuse prevention / recovery
Medical Services / Mental Health Services 

Women Arise – PROVE Project                       
13100 Averhill 
Detroit, MI 48215 
Phone:  313-331-1800 
PROVE (Post-Release Opportunities for Vocational Education) was created by a community-based 
program with funds from a federal lawsuit brought by women prisoners in Michigan. The participants,
formerly incarcerated women, receive educational/vocational assessment, assistance in meeting educ-
ational and/or vocational goals and obtaining employment. PROVE provides monthly peer meetings, 
counseling, parenting classes, tutoring, grade monitoring, educational advice and application assistance. 

L.I.F.T. Women's Resource Center         
16180 Meyers Rd. 
Detroit MI 48235
Phone: 313-345-9065
Provides life skills workshops, parenting training, computer and employability training for women
recovering from domestic violence, substance abuse, returning citizens and recent foreclosures
for those age 18 to 60+. 

CareFirst Community Health Services       
8097 Decatur Street
Detroit MI 48228
Phone: 313-846-5020
Outpatient counseling to substance abusers as well as other services such as Aftercare services 
for returning citizens and a residential program for homeless HIV/AIDS women and their children, 
HIV testing and counseling and more.  Services the City of Detroit. 

Paula's House                   
PO Box 2002
Monroe MI  48161                        
Phone:  734-242-6650
Our mission is to empower women as they make the transition from treatment and/or incarceration 
to interdependent lifestyle, in a homelike environment. We hope to assist women in reconstructing 
their lives and returning to our community with skills that allow them to be self-sufficient. Our goal 
is to reduce the occurrence of relapse and stop the “revolving door’ of incarceration. 

Lutheran Social Services of Michigan         
8131 E. Jefferson Ave.
Detroit, MI 48214
Phone: 313-823-7700
Operates the Heartline Residential Program, helping women make the transition from prison to home.  

Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit            
Employment Development Services 
New Start Employment and Training Project 
3111 Grand River Ave. 
Detroit, MI 48208 
Phone:   313-964-3900, ext 406 
Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit provides services to individuals who are serving probation 
or have been recently released from a county or state correctional facility for a non-violent offense. 
Services include job readiness training, paid transitional work experience, basic academic and remedial
training to improve math or reading skills and job placement. Employment follow-up/retention services 
are also provided. 

AIDS Partnership Michigan
2751 E. Jefferson  #301
Detroit MI  48207-4100
Phone: 877-361-3907
The oldest AIDS multi-service organization in Michigan, serving Macomb, Monroe, Oakland, St. Clair, 
Lapeer, and Wayne County has a re-entry specific medical case management program assisting individuals 
in transitioning from jail or prison back into the community.  Services include access to HIV testing, medical 
and psychiatric care, therapy, treatment adherence, transportation, food, emotional support and advocacy.

Crossroads--Main Office
2424 W. Grand Boulevard 
Detroit MI  48208
Phone: 313-831-2787
Crossroads Employment Offices
14641 E. Jefferson Ave.
Detroit MI 48215
Phone: 313-822-1660
2424 W. Grand Boulevard
Detroit MI  48208
Phone: 313-831-0213                                       
The staff helps clients write and tweak resumes, compose cover letters, and apply for positions 
using the Internet.  In addition to helping with the basics, Crossroads Employment Office holds 
a bi-weekly group session over a light lunch called Job Club.  Crossroads may also be able to help 
with things like work uniforms, eye glasses, non-skid shoes for someone with a new restaurant job 
or pay for a certification fee.  They have purchased food handler's cards, chef's coats, etc. in order 
to get returning citizens back to work. 

Southwest Solutions
3627 W. Vernor Hwy.
Detroit MI 48216
S.W. Solutions is a non-profit that is in partnership with Detroit GreenWorks Solutions which provides 
green jobs training to disadvantaged residents of S.W. Detroit to train them for the new "green jobs".  
Open to returning citizens!  You must live in one of the following zip codes:  48208, 48209, 48210, 48216 
and 48217. 

Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation
1211 Trumbull
Detroit MI  48216
Phone: 313-967-4880
Provides services to ex-offenders with an array of bilingual services that will assist them reintegrating 
into their communities and families including assessment, case management, job readiness and placement,
family reunification, anger management, adult education, life skills, and HIV counseling and testing as 
well as follow-up services.
Also has a tattoo removal program for those with gang tattoos.  These are removed free but client does 
need to donate some volunteer time.  (see top of the page!)

Matrix Human Services
Administrative Office:
120 Parsons Street
Detroit MI 48201
Phone:  313-831-1000
450 Eliot
Detroit MI  48201
Various services for both male & female parolees.  

Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit's "Flip the Script"  Program
7700 Second Avenue
Detroit MI  48202
Phone: 315-557-8777  OR  313-557-4818
Flip the Script prepares minority men ages 16-30 who reside in Wayne County for non-traditional 
careers in the Skills, Building, and Construction industry, by providing math, reading, social, and 
life skills.  The program's curriculum is centered on training and/or retraining participants in the 
critical areas of mathematics, reading enrichment, positive relationship development, fatherhood, 
workplace ethics and "the other 16 hours" that are important to becoming economically self-sufficient
and a positive head of household.  

ECHO Resources           
Phone: 313-894-8444
Early intervention, recovery orientated, faith-based outreach program designed to help residents 
and family by providing a wide range of community-based services including triage, prevention 
education,training, treatment and referrals.  Has special programs for parolees! is a very user-friendly website for those who have barriers when it comes to employment, 
including ex-offenders.  


Michigan Fidelity Bonding Program 
The fidelity bond covers job seekers who are considered high-risk due to some factor in their personal 
background and who have been rejected by a commercial bonding company.   Fidelity bonds provide 
100% insurance coverage and have no deductible; the employer is fully protected against losses resulting 
from employee dishonesty. Bond insurance coverage ranges from $5,000 to $25,000 for a six-month period.
As an incentive to hire members of a targeted population, employers receive the bond coverage FREE OF 
CHARGE for the first six months of the covered employee’s employment. 

Federal Bonding Program
Employment Services Agency 
Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth 
3032 West Grand Blvd - Ste 9-450 
Detroit, MI 48202 
Phone: 313-456-3171 
Fax:  313-456-3162 
The Federal Bonding Program provides fidelity bonding insurance coverage to individuals with criminal 
histories and other high-risk job applicants who are qualified, but fail to get jobs because regular commercial bonding is denied due to their backgrounds. Print off a copy of the form above. 

Tax Credits
Michigan Bureau of Workers’ & Unemployment Compensation 
WOTC Unit 
Cadillac Place 
3024 W. Grand Blvd., Suite 11-450 
Detroit, MI 48202 
Phone:  313-456-2105 
Fax:   313-456-2132 
Web Site:
The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a federal tax credit to reduce the federal tax liability 
of private for profit employers to be used as an incentive for employers to hire individuals from 
eight different targeted groups: TANF recipients, veterans, ex-felons, high risk youth, summer 
youth, Food Stamp recipients, SSI recipients, and vocational rehabilitation referrals.


Prison Fellowship
P.O. Box 1550
Merrifield VA  22116-1550
Phone:  877-478-0100

Crossroad Bible Institute
P.O. Box 900
Grand Rapids MI  49509-0900
Phone:   616-530-1300

Broken Yoke Ministries Inc.
P.O. Box 5824
De Pere, WI  54115-5824 
For those with same-sex attraction and CSC charges or convictions. 

Lifeline Prison Ministries
P.O. Box 1070
Taylor MI  48180
Phone: 313-292-4337
Email:  Larry Gudith


Life Challenge of Southeastern Michigan               
17667 Pierson
Detroit  MI  48219
Phone:  313-531-0111
Life Challenge of Greater Flint
1230 Dupont Street
Flint MI  48501
Phone:  810-235-3787
A one-year residential Christian-growth program providing care for men and women 
with life-controlling addictions.  Life Challenge is an interdenominational ministry affiliated 
with Teen Challenge International, USA.

2785 East Grand Blvd.
Detroit MI  482116
Phone:  313-872-7831 OR  313-556-2015
Next Steps serves returning citizens who have NO probation or parole requirements (therefore 
is  NOT an M.P.R.I. contractor).  Participants must have a pending release date or potential release 
date of more than one year and must be residents of Wayne County.  The program offers support 
services such as a personal integration plan, Identification restoration & assistance, assistance 
with vocational and business development training, assigned mentors and social network support 
activities.  Also accepts those with CSC convictions.

HOPE    (Helping Operations for People Empowered)  
(an affiliate of Tabernacle Baptist Church)
6125 Beechwood
Detroit MI  48210
Phone:  313-897-5503
This new group offers after-care support along with guidance and encouragement needed 
to fulfill requirements of parole and the individual goals of ex-prisoners, grief counseling, 
interviewing & resume writing, a clothing closet, health care through Covenant Care, referral 
services for housing and substance abuse treatment and mentor training & matches.   

Gateway To Glory Ministries                
P.O. Box 863
Sterling Heights MI  48311-0863
Phone:  586-978-7022

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