Many Veterans and their dependents are not aware that there are different types of pensions
available no matter how old you are!

Parents DIC: A monthly benefit paid to parents of Veterans who die in service or as a result
of a service-connected disability. There are qualifying income limits and the amount available
is based on the parent's monthly income.

Death Pension: A monthly benefit paid to unmarried surviving spouses and dependent children
of wartime Veterans whose death is not due to a service-connected disability.There are qualifying
income limits and the amount payable varies based on the amount of other income.
There is no age limit!

Veteran Pension: Dependent on the Veteran's monthly income...designed to bring Veterans
up to a basic standard of living. There is no age limit!

Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit: Wartime Veterans and surviving spouses who have
in-home care or you live in nursing homes or assisted-living situations and are incapable
of self-support and in need of regular personal assistance.

Project VetAssist ( a free online service, guides Vets or their survivors
applying for the VA Improved Pension program. Or email


The Wayne County Veterans Service Fund has received a grant for Veterans
who have served in PEACETIME, newly eligible to benefit!

Of the grant money, $50,000 will go toward credit vouchers and gift cards to be given
to Veterans in need for food & household essentials.The remaining $469,736 will be
provided on a reimbursement basis for Veteran's rent, mortgage, property taxes,
transportation, medical, food and clothing, as well as parking & transportation fees
associated with visiting the Veterans Services offices. 

To learn about eligibility and to apply for a gift card, voucher or reimbursement,
Veterans are encouraged to call the Veterans Services office at 313-224-5045 OR
google Wayne County Veterans Services.


For Emergency Travel, please look on this website under

Medical Reimbursement Pension
Veterans Construction Communities Foundation
27735 Jefferson Ave.
St. Clair Shores, MI  48081
Phone:  586-777-2115
Phone:  313-398-9308   Bill White
Veterans and surviving spouses may qualify for a "Non-Service" related "Medical
Reimbursement Pension" through the Department of Veterans Affairs.This pension
allows eligible Veterans and their spouses with:
  • Help with bathing & dressing
  • Medication reminders
  • Transportation
  • Meal Preparation
  • Transferring to & from bed
  • Personal care
  • Respite care
  • Light housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Companionship 
Call for more information on the qualifications & process!

Wayne County Soldiers & Sailors Relief Service Group  
Michigan Veterans Trust Fund Emergency Grant Fund                                         
Grand Park Centre
28 West Adams, Suite #1710
Detroit, MI  48226
Phone:  313-224-5045
Veterans can obtain financial assistance from the Soldiers
& Sailors Relief and the Michigan VeteransTrust Funds.
Assistance may be granted to an indigent veteran, or a spouse,
widow/widower, or minor children of a veteran.
To be eligible you must:
  • Have recognized wartime service (including women's auxiliaries)
  • or an expeditionary medal
  • Be honorably discharged
  • Be unable to provide the basic necessities of life
Recognized War Periods:
Persian Gulf   8/2/1990 to Present
Vietnam          2/28/1961 to 5/7/1975
Korea             6/27/1950 to 1/31/1955
Word War II   12/7/1941 to 12/31/1946
WWII & Russian Service also recognized
Please bring the following documents:
  • DD-214 (Military discharge) or Service Letter (MUST BE LEGIBLE)
  • Valid State of Michigan Photo ID
  • Verification of Income and Expenses
  • Utility Shut-off Notice
  • Foreclosure Notice
  • Eviction Notice (Court Ordered Judgment)
  • Tax Notice of Property being taken for Delinquent Taxes
  • Marriage License
  • Birth Certificate or Proof of Legal Guardianship for Minor Children
For Deceased Veterans, also bring:
  • Death Certificate
  • Itemized funeral bill, if apply for burial reimbursement
If you do not have the required documents, we will provide you with
a checklist and ask that you return when you have the missing documentation.
Monroe County:
29 Washington 
Monroe, MI  48161
Phone: 734-240-7359

Soldiers Relief Commission
In some counties, emergency relief grants are available to Michigan veterans
who do not meet Michigan Veterans Trust Fund criteria. Funds are limited,
so the commission makes an effort to refer veterans who are eligible to other
sources of financial assistance. Contact your county Veterans Affairs office. 

Michigan Military Family Relief Fund    
Dept. of Military & Veteran Affairs
P.O. Box 30261
Lansing, MI  48909
The M.F.R. Fund provides financial assistance to families of soldiers suffering
financial hardships as a result of active-duty or a line-of-duty related injury or
illness.The M.F.R.F. enables the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs to
provide grants of up to $2,000 in a calendar year to qualifying military families
of Michigan's active-duty Army National Guard, Air National Guard and military
reserve members.The funds can be spent on clothing, housing, medical, services,
utilities, or any other related necessities of daily living. The need would have to
occur while a family member is on active duty, or be the result of a line-of-duty
related injury or illness.
Download an application from the site. 

Michigan Veterans Trust Fund  (MVTF)
Phone: 1-800-MICH-VET
Michigan’s most popular state benefit for emergency needs is the Michigan
Veterans Trust Fund (MVTF). The MVTF provides emergency grants to help
combat-era veterans and their families weather unforeseen, temporary finan-
cial emergencies. Emergency grants cover expenses such as utility bills, home
repairs, transportation and mortgage assistance.

Families United for Our Troops
P.O. Box 930073
Wixom, MI  48393
Phone: 248-669-3312
Military Families United is a national coalition of Blue Star, Gold Star, Next of Kin,
Veterans, and Patriotic American Families whose mission is to Honor The Fallen,
Support Those WhoFight, and Serve Their Families.This is a WONDERFUL website
filled with all types of resources for military members & families!

Operation First Response Inc.
20037 Dove Hill Rd
Culpeper, VA  22701
Phone:  888-289-0280
We serve all branches of our nation’s Wounded Heroes and their families
with personal and financial needs. Services are provided from the onset
of injury or illness, throughout their recovery period and along their journey
from military life to the civilian world.
Financial aid varies as each case is based on individual needs ranging from:
  • rent
  • utilities
  • vehicle payments
  • groceries
  • clothing
  • travel expenses to and from major medical facilities

Military Warriors Support Foundation
211 N Loop 1604 E #250
San Antonio, TX  78232
Phone: 210-615-8973
Military Warriors Support Foundation awards payment-free vehicles to combat
wounded veterans and to unmarried Gold Star spouses whose loved ones were
Requirements to Apply:
Military Warriors Support Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity, founded by
LTG. Leroy Sisco (Ret), In 2007. Our mission is to provide support and programs
that facilitate a smooth and successful transition for our nation’s combat wounded
heroes and Gold Star families. Our programs focus on housing and homeownership,
recreational activities, transportation assistance and leadership development.Through
our programs, we award mortgage-free homes and payment-free vehicles to combat
wounded heroes and Gold Star spouses. In addition to the home or vehicle, the families
receive family and financial mentoring.
1. Must be a combat wounded veteran from any American military conflict or be an
unmarried spouse of a veteran who was KIA during combat or combat training
(Purple Heart recipients given priority)
2. Must be honorably retired or separated from the military or within 90 days
of discharging
3. Must be able to obtain vehicle insurance
4. Must not have more than 1 vehicle loan/lease per household
Services Provided by our Programs
Homes4WoundedHeroes & Homes4GoldStars program awards mortgage-free homes
to combat wounded heroes injured while in service to our country. In addition to the
home, the recipient will receive 3 years of family and financial mentoring.
Apartments4Heroes provides a payment-free 1 year lease, in an apartment complex.
In addition to the apartment, the recipient will receive 1 year of family and financial
Transportation4Heroes Awards payment-free vehicles to combat wounded heroes
injured while in service to our country & Gold Star spouses who’s loved one made
the ultimate sacrifice for our country. In addition to the vehicle, the recipient will
receive 1 year of family and financial mentoring.
Skills4Life provides recreational outings and peer-to-peer mentorship with hunting,
fishing and golfing adventures.
Leadership4Life program provides a 2-year program to help veterans transition
the skills they acquiredin the military into the leadership skills for the civilian workforce.
WellnessRides4Heroes provides no-cost transportation to get veterans to and from
their medical appointments. (Only available in Bexar County).

Phone:  800-769-8951
The “official charity of the US Air Force”, the AFAC provides emergency assistance,
sponsors education assistance programs and offers an array of base community
enhancement programs that improve quality of life for Airmen and their families.

Phone:  800-REDCROSS
The Red Cross provides emergency communications that link them with their families
back home, access to financial assistance in partnership with the military aid societies,
information and referral and assistance to veterans. 

Phone: 866-878-6378
Army Emergency Relief provides Soldiers and their Families financial assistance
in a time of need. 

Phone:  800-881-2462
Assists during a time of financial need. Assistance is provided through counseling,
short-term interest-free loans, financial grants, referrals, and other related means.

875 N. Randolph  #225
Arlington, VA  22203
Phone: 800-654-8364  OR  703-606-4901
The NMCRS provides financial, educational, and other assistance to members
of the Naval Services of the United States, eligible family members, and survivors
when in need.

17955 E 11 Mile
Roseville, MI  48066
Phone: 586-285-5606
The goal of Vets Returning Home is simple: to end chronic homelessness among
veterans in our communities. Our mission is complex, requiring more than putting
a roof over the veterans’ heads. It requires an approach that address the “total
veteran” and his needs and making sure they succeed after they are transitioned.
We are a volunteer operated 11,000 square foot facility with 43 beds and commercial
kitchen. 6 of the 43 beds are dedicated to females only. We provide a stable and sober
living environment to veterans in crisis. Onsite services including employment readiness
training, aid with job placement, disability benefit connection, legal support and life skills
training. Community support both physical and financial has been vital to our ability to
continue our mission. Vets Returning home receives NO government funding. We have
successfully transitioned on average 250 veterans a year back into society as a fully
functioning community member.
The Michigan National Guard Family Fund
was created to assist Air and Army National Guard families who experience financial
difficulties with temporary emergency financial assistance, and to fund programs and
training to maintain and improve the quality of life of our Michigan National Guard families.
The fund provides for up to a $500 grant to soldiers and airmen and their family members
who encounter financial hardships. An application must be submitted with the necessary
documentation. For an application form, go to

Duskin & Stephens Foundation (U.S. Special Operations Community)
The mission of the Duskin & Stephens Foundation is to support the United States
Special Operations Community through direct support to families of fallen operators,
healing programs designed to combat the effects of PTS, TBI and loss of a loved one,
and youth scholarships for children of active duty members of our community.

Faces of Valor USA
Faces Of Valor USA is a non-profit organization with a mission to raise money
for scholarships and financial aid for men and women in the military, fire, police
and EMS services who have been injured or killed in the line of duty as they have
protected us and provided safety and security for our American way of life.

Michigan Bikers Helping Veterans (Michigan)
The Michigan Bikers Helping Veterans (MBHV) is a registered non profit charity
that receives donated funds to distribute in Michigan to provide assistance to
deserving families of the fallen and/or wounded service personnel, or veterans
in critical financial need.

The Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund (Michigan)
The mission of the Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund™ (FWSF) is to support
Michigan-based soldiers who serve and protect our country. We are a non-profit,
non-partisan 501(c) (3) organization.We are honored to help injured soldiers pay
their living expenses, and provide assistance to the families of the fallen.

Operation Family Fund
Our mission is to assist the injured and families of the those who have been injured
or killed as a part of the Global War on Terrorism, whether domestic or abroad, military
or civilian,with financial grants for transitioning to their new circumstances and achieving
financial self-sufficiency.

Operation One Voice
Operation One Voice provides emergency and/or immediate support to wounded
or fallen SOF families on a case-by-case basis working directly with the United
States Special Operations Command Care Coalition.

Special Ops Survivors
Emergency Financial Aid
There are times in life when the unexpected occurs and surviving spouses might
find themselves in a difficult financial situation.Special Ops Survivors can provide
a small amount of money to help survivors who find themselves in these situations.
These funds are intended to cover critical expenses such as insurance deductibles
and car repair bills.

Salute American Heroes
100 Broadway
Ossining, NY  10562
Phone:  914-432-5400
Offers several programs such as Homes For the Wounded, Kids Camps, Family
Support Network, and Emergency Financial Aid (pays for utilities, mortgage &
rent, groceries, car payments including deposits and repairs, home repairs, air
travel & lodging, school supplies & clothing, medical bills & co-pays and loans).

USA Cares                
P.O. Box 759
Radcliff, KY  40159
Phone: 800-773-0387
The mission of USA Cares is to help service members and their families around
the globe by helping with emergency expenses. Since its founding in 2003, the
organization has assisted more than 3,010 families and resources more than
$1.2 million in grants for emergency needs like clothing, travel, food, auto
repair, and other expenses.Service members and their families can make a
request for funds through the organization's website.

VFW National Headquarters
406 W. 34th Street
Kansas City, Missouri  64111
Phone: 816-756-3390
VFW Washington Office
200 Maryland Ave., N.E.
Washington, D.C. 20002
Phone: 202-543-2239
The VFW offers a wide range of assistance programs aimed at helping veterans
of every generation. Whether that means providing free, professional help filing
or appealing a VA claim, offering scholarships for post-secondary education or
providing emergency financial relief when times get tough, the VFW is there for
America's veterans.

VFW Auxillary National Chapter
406 W. 34th St.
Kansas City, Missouri  64111-2721
Phone: 816-561-8655
The VFW Auxiliary offers cancer grants to members who are battling cancer.
Eligibility requirements:
  • Applicant must be a member of the VFW Auxiliary for one (1) full year
  • Current dues must be paid before applying for a cancer grant
  • After twelve (12) months have passed from date of diagnosis
or last treatment, application will not be accepted.
  • A member is allowed two (2) grants during lifetime. Twelve (12) months
must elapse between new diagnosis and/or treatment from date of first grant
for a second application to be considered. Continuous treatment which lasts
beyond the twelve (12) month period will qualify for a second grant.
  • Application will be rejected if member has been deceased for longer
than 30 days.

2895 NE Loop 410  Suite 107
San Antonio, TX 78218
Phone: 210-629-0020
Soldiers' Angels has programs to support military families, deployed service
members, wounded heroes, and veterans of all eras. Our programs are broken
into categories based on the population they serve. Most of our programs could
not be possible without the support of our wonderful Angel volunteers who dedicate
their time, money, and talents to the organization.

The National Association of Atomic Veterans           
Phone:  1-800-729-7327
This group is searching for about 195,000 vets who were exposed to radiation
from atmospheric nuclear tests between 1945 and 1962 OR as part of the occup-
ation forces at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.These men and women could receive a
one-time $75,000 benefit from the U.S. government under the Radiation Exposure
Compensation Act of 1990 or a monthly disability payment of up to $2,673 from
the Dept. of Veteran Affairs if they contracted any of 21 different cancers traced
to radiation exposure.Few veterans have applied for these benefits.Their widows
and children are eligible too, if their family member died before receiving a benefit. 
Applicants need medical records and location of exposure. Once the application
is filed, government lawyers ask the Defense Threat Reduction Agency for help
in verifying the claim. 

Wounded Warrior Project
7020 AC Skinner Pkwy.  #100
Jacksonville, FL 32256
Phone:  877-832-6997  OR 904-296-7350
Provides the following programs:
Grants to VA Hospitals to purchase life-enhancing and life-saving equipment 
(Healthcare for Heroes)
Provides money to organizations dedicated to providing affordable housing to Veterans
(Housing for Heroes)
Provides used adapted vans donated to or purchased directly by the organization.
Additionally, they may assist in adapting a vehicle for a veteran who meets certain
financial guidelines
(Vans 4 Vets)
Wounded Warrior Project starts at the beds of the severely injured as they undergo
treatment and rehabilitation at the Dept. of Defense facilities and throughout their
rehabilitation.To be eligible the veteran must be an honorably discharged veteran
of the United States military and have a severe physical disability which leaves him/
her in a wheelchair.  Also, the veteran's income must fall within the poverty guidelines
established by the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs for a single person or family.     

Patriot Express Pilot Loan
Phone: 313-226-6075
Available to active-duty service members as well as veterans and their spouses.
The Small Business Association is making the Patriot Express loan available
through its network of participating lenders across the country. These loans,
which are available in amounts up to $500,000 can be used for most business
purposes, including start-up, expansion, equipment purchases, working capital,
inventory or business-occupied real estate purchases. 
Military Reserve Economic Injury Disaster Loans
Up to $1.5 million that can be used to help reservists prepare their businesses
before they leave.They can also be used to help manage their businesses while
they are gone.

552 Fort Evans Road, Suite 300
Leesburg, VA 20176
Phone: 703-291-4605    Toll-Free: 888-447-2588
For the thousands of seriously wounded veterans in Afghanistan and Iraq, the
struggle to overcome the challenges in their lives caused by the injuries and
illnesses they sustained in combat is one that must be endured every day.The
Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes was established to ensure that in return
for the sacrifices they made for us, these wounded veterans and their families
receive all the support needed to restore their hope and rebuild their lives.
Founded in 2004 as a non-profit, non-partisan 501(c) (3) organization, the
Coalition is among the nation’s leading charities whose donors provide the
wounded veterans and families of Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation
Iraqi Freedom, and Operation New Dawn the aid and assistance needed for
their long roads to recovery.

273 Columbus Avenue  Suite 10
Tuckahoe, NY 10707
Phone:  877-606-1775 Toll free
Thanks to our generous donors, MC-LEF currently establishes a $35,000
educational account for every child who loses a parent serving in the United
States Marine Corps or any Federal Law Enforcement Agency. Since our
founding in 1995, MC-LEF has awarded over $78 million in educational
accounts and other humanitarian assistance to over 4100 recipients.
We have only one paid employee and, therefore, the vast majority of our
efforts are performed by a dedicated group  of  volunteers who run our
various events. Additionally,  all officers and board members are also
volunteers and together, we are extremely efficient in running our o
rganization so that donor funds are predominantly used to accomplish
our mission of Educating the Children of Those Who Sacrificed All.

P.O. Box 361626
Indianapolis, IN  46236
Phone: 317-860-3009
National Emergency Fund:
Directs immediate cash grants to Legionnaires who are recovering from
natural diasters. Legion posts are also eligible for emergency assistance.
Endowment Fund:
Funds Temporary Financial Assistance grants to Veterans with children
in need and Department Service Officer Schools so service officers can
provide quality assistance to Veterans.
Legacy Scholarship Fund:
Provides scholarship money for children whose parents have died on active-
duty since Sept. 11th, 2001. 
Soldier's Wish:
Identifies the unmet needs of U.S. military personnel, Veterans and their
families, and provides the necessary resources to meet those needs.



ACT Today! (Autism Care and Treatment Today) for Military Families
ACT Today! (Autism Care and Treatment Today!), is a national non-profit organization
whose mission is to raise awareness and provide treatment services to families that
cannot afford the treatments and services their children require. Recognizing the extra-
ordinary challenges military families experience (waging a battle on two for
their country and another for their children), ACT Today! for Military Families is a dedicated
fund to assist military families impacted by autism. ACT Today! for Military Families works
to improve awareness and delivery of effective autism services, and provides financial
assistance to military families to help defray out-of-pocket costs associated with autism
treatments and other quality of life programs.


Operation We Are Here is a one-stop HUB of resources for the military community
and military supporters that offers:
  • A clearinghouse of resources for the military community
  • Practical insights in caring for the military community
  • The ONLY interest-based list for military supporters
  • Free Thank You cards to download, print and share
With the generosity of our supporters, our Operation Reconnect programs provides
computers to military families, providing them the means to stay in touch across the
  • Adopt a military family programs (deployment, Thanksgiving, Christmas)
  • Air travel assistance
Financial assistance for:
  • Wounded warrior families
  • Families of the fallen (Gold Star families)
  • Financial guidance
  • Homelessness (or at risk)
  • Military discounts and more
  • Transportation assistance
  • Wishes granted


Be sure to check on this website under LOW COST CARS & CAR REPAIRS!

Keys to Progress
Since 2013, Progressive has been honoring veterans with vehicle donations through
the Keys To Progress® program. So far, we’ve donated more than 600 vehicles to
veterans and veteran organizations.The one-day vehicle giveaway event happens
every November and is a strong source of pride for everyone who works here.

Employees across the country volunteer to find vehicles to donate, organize fund-
raising activities to collect money or goods to provide recipient families, and plan
memorable vehicle giveaway events for the veterans. By providing transportation
support, our hope is to offer a little relief and improve the lives of military men and
women facing tough circumstances—from difficult personal and family health needs
to excessive rent burdens, unemployment and homelessness.
Every November, we host a one-day vehicle giveaway event for veterans at various
Progressive offices and authorized vehicle repair facility locations across the United
States. Counting this year, we will have donated more than 600 vehicles to veterans
and veteran organizations since 2013. Applications are reviewed starting in May of
each program year and recipients are typically selected and contacted by September
30th per year.
If you are a veteran and have interest in being a Keys to Progress program vehicle
recipient you need to apply through a non-profit organization (e.g., charity, military
association like a Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) post, Veterans Administration (VA)
hospital, etc.) and meet specific criteria. (Visit the website for more detailed information.)


P.O. Box 6639
Snowmass Village, CO  81615
Phone:  970-923-3004
Challenge Aspen Military Opportunities (CAMO) provides adaptive therapeutic recreation
and wellness experiences for military personnel diagnosed with cognitive and/or physical
disabilities. CAMO offers an opportunity for veterans, their spouses/partners and caregivers
to reconnect with outdoor recreation activities through professional adaptive instruction for
summer and winter sports. CAMO encourages participants to attend one summer and one
winter retreat so they can be exposed to one or more activities that may open the door to
continued health and wellness.
If you are interested in attending a CAMO retreat, please follow these steps: 
1)  Please refer to our eligibility guidelines to make sure you qualify. 
2)  Fill out the online application.
3)  Read, sign and submit the Drug and Alcohol Policy form.

PO Box 368
Woodland Hills, CA  91365
Phone: 888-708-7757
At the Gary Sinise Foundation, we serve our nation by honoring our defenders, veterans,
first responders, their families, and those in need. We do this by creating and supporting
unique programs designed to entertain, educate, inspire, strengthen, and build communities.
First Responders Outreach, we provide help to critical funding for emergency relief, training,
and essential equipment to ensure these heroes perform to the best of their abilities.heroes
next door. We also help those that are severely wounded in the line of duty by building 100%
mortgage-free, specially adapted smart homes, as well as home modifications, mobility devices,
and adapted vehicles to restore their mobility and independence.strengthen our defenders
Through the Gary Sinise Foundation’s First Responders Outreach, we provide help to critical
funding for emergency relief, training, and essential equipment to ensure these heroes perform
to the best of their abilities.
We’re constructing one-of-a-kind specially adapted smart homes for our nation’s most
severely wounded heroes. This initiative predominantly supports our Post 9/11 defenders,
that were injured in combat operations or during training while performing their duties.
These 100% mortgage-free homes ease the daily challenges faced by these heroes and
their families who sacrifice alongside them. We’re also providing home modifications,
mobility devices, and adapted vehicles to our injured, wounded, ill, and/or aging heroes.
Many wounded heroes lack the means to update their homes and customize their trans-
portation to suit their individual needs. We’re providing our injured, wounded, ill and/or
aging heroes with the resources they need to regain their mobility and independence.
Gary Sinise Foundation Snowball Express serves the children of fallen military heroes.
In 2017, Snowball Express became an official Gary Sinise Foundation initiative. We are
committed to maintaining the wonderful traditions while finding new and exciting ways
to serve our families of the fallen.
Heal, Overcome, Persevere & Excel. Our H.O.P.E. initiative provides complete support
to those who have experienced trauma, illness, injury, or loss during their times of urgent
need, sometimes with assistance as simple as help paying bills or buying groceries.

Vacations for Veterans LLC
9435 Lorton Market St, #105 
Lorton, VA 22079
Vacations For Veterans seeks to provide a week of free lodgings to veterans who have been
awarded the Purple Heart Medal for action in any military campaign after 2001.Though it would
be our honor to help all veterans, due to the small size of our organization, Vacations For
Veterans has a very limited mission to help only Purple Heart Medal recipients during this
time period in an effort to help our younger veterans, most of whom cannot afford vacations.

National Military Family Association
2800 Eisenhower Avenue, Suite 250
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 703-931-6632
Military Spouse Scholarships
NMFA can help fund education, career, or business goals for military spouses.The mission
of this scholarship program is to help prepare military spouses for meaningful employment
and to better contribute to their family’s financial security. Our scholarships are awarded
to spouses of members of all Uniformed Services. NMFA awards an average of $500 for
career funding and $1000 for degrees. Up to $2500 is available for clinical supervision
towards licensure in the mental health profession.Spouses are also eligible for funding,
typically $1000, to build their own businesses.
At Operation Purple Camp we embrace being “purple” and bring together military kids
from all ranks and services, including National Guard and Reserve components, to a
unique and memorable summer camp experience.
Operation Purple Family Retreats provide military families with the opportunity to reconnect
as a family. We are bringing families to beautiful outdoor locations in order to provide fun family-
oriented activities and the ability to spend quality time together. We’ve tailored a special retreat
program that is designed to support wounded service members and their families.The Operation
Purple Healing Adventures program celebrates rediscovering family-fun and togetherness after
an injury.
Operation Purple Buddy Camp gives younger military kids, ages 5-8, the experience of Operation
Purple Camp, combined with one-on-one bonding and resiliency-strengthening experience with
their adult “buddy.” The adult can be mom or dad, grandparent or guardian.


Many Veterans, with a service connected disability rating, are entering Federal recreation
lands and national parks for free with an America the Beautiful-the National Parks and
Federal Recreational Landslifetime Access Pass through an interagency partnership
between the U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service, Forest Service, Fish
and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, Army Corps of Engineers and Bureau
of Reclamation. Good for entry into thousands of federally managed recreation sites across
the country, the Lifetime Access Pass is another way a grateful nation says thank you for
the service and sacrifices of U. S. Veterans with disabilities.The Access Pass admits the
pass owner and any passengers in a single, private vehicle (non-commercial) at per-vehicle
entrance and day use fee areas; or, the pass owner plus three additional adults where per-
person fees are charged. In addition to free entry at participating sites, the Access Pass
includes discounts on some expanded amenity fees such as camping. Sites recommend
that pass owners check with each site before visiting for details about Access Pass entry
and discounts.

Veterans who have been medically determined to have a disability are eligible for the Lifetime
Access Pass—with three options for obtaining the pass:

First, Veterans with disability documentation can order the Access Pass online for a $10
processing fee which includes standard shipping. Documentation required includes:
  • Proof of residency
  • VA disability award letter, VA summary of benefits, or proof of SSDI income
Second, the Interagency Access Pass may be obtained through the mail. Download a paper
application from Follow the instructions on the website
and pay the document processing fee of $10. Once the application package is received by
USGS, the documentation will be verified and a pass imprinted with the pass owner’s name
will be mailed to the applicant.

Passes ordered online or through the mail will be delivered 3 to 4 weeks after receipt of
documentation and processing payment.

Third, an option is for disabled Veterans to visit a participating federal recreation site
where interagency passes are issued, present photo identification (e.g., Driver’s license,
State ID, birth certificate, Passport, or permanent resident card), provide documentation
of permanent disability, or read and sign a Statement of Permanent Disability affidavit.
That’s It. The Pass is free and issued at the time of entry.

Make sure to have photo ID available when using your Lifetime Access Pass and enjoy
the majestic scenery and abundant recreational opportunities our National Parks provide
many Veterans, with a service connected disability rating, are entering Federal recreation
lands and national parks for free with an America the Beautiful-the National Parks and
Federal Recreational Lands lifetime Access Pass through an interagency partnership
between the U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service, Forest Service,
Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, Army Corps of Engineers and
the Bureau of Reclamation. Good for entry into thousands of federally managed recreation
sites across tcountry,the Lifetime Access Pass is another way a grateful nation says thank
you for the service and sacrifices of U. S. Veterans with disabilities.                

                      & MILITARY FAMILIES
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Adult Dental


Adult FREE
Medical Tests,
& Treatments

Adult &
"Special Wish"



Children &

Children &
Medical &

Child Support

Chore Services
(OR Other
Help Services)



Crime Victim
& Notification

Crisis Pregnancy
& Pregnancy
(Help For
& Raising
Your Baby)


Domestic Abuse
Sexual Violence

& Employment




Food Programs/

Food Programs/
"Soup Kitchens"

Food Programs/
"Meals on

Foster Youth

As Caregivers

Grief Support

Help with Rent
& Mortgage










Low-Cost Cars
& Car Repairs

Home Mortgage

Mental Health
Substance Abuse

Mentoring Programs
(for Youths)

Organ Donation



Prisoner &

Runaway Help

Senior Citizen

Services For
Personnel And
Their Families

Tax Services



(And Their

Vision &


Youth Programs
& Low-Cost
Summer Camps)