Website:  OR

Auto Purchase up to $2000
Auto Repairs up to $900 per 12 months
MUST BE A FAMILY (pregnant or have a child under 18)

Apply at the Department of Human Services that serves your community.  The family MUST
be receiving or applying for Day Care, Medicaid or Food Assistance (if receiving the Family
Independence Program, the repair / purchase is usually handled by Michigan Works).

If a recipient of the above programs, income limits are already met.  If  you are an applicant,
form DHS-3043 must be completed to declare if your total monthly income is below the TANF 
(Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) income limits of $1805 for one person, $2428 for
two, $3052 for 3, $3575 for 4, etc. 

AUTO PURCHASE:  Customer must be able to afford the payments / insurance / title / taxes
and other vehicle expenses, must have a valid driver's license, the cost of the vehicle cannot
exceed the value of the vehicle, and only one vehicle per person is the lifetime max (husband
and wife may each receive one but a policy exception must be approved for the other spouse
to get a second car).  It must be needed to retain/obtain employment or for activities that will
prepare the customer for employment (cannot be disabled). Vehicle has been inspected by
a licensed mechanic and declared road-worthy (mechanics license number must be given
and also the date inspected).  Public transportation must not be reasonably available.
AUTO REPAIRS:  The repair is expected to make the vehicle road worthy and safe and
the vehicle is needed to retain/obtain employment or for activities to prepare for employ-
ment (cannot be disabled). Total cost of repairs is $900 or less (or difference is paid by
customer) including repairs covered in the last 12 months and cost of repairs does not
exceed the value of the vehicle.

Vehicles for Change          
14486 Gratiot Ave.
Detroit, MI   48205
Phone:  313-469-7838  / 855-820-7990 National number
This company will accept and repair donated cars, awarding them to prequalified families
for nearly $800. It also guarantees families with low-interest 12-months car loans, allowing
them to build credit. In addition, the nonprofit carries a six-month / 6,000 mile warranty,
which will give reliable service for at least two years. Car donors will gain a substantial
tax advantage. The nonprofit organization has awarded cars to nearly 5,000 low-income
families since 1999.

Matrix Human Services / Ways to Work Loan Program     
Administrative Office:
120 Parsons Street
Detroit,  MI  48201
Phone: 313-831-1000
Matrix Ways to Work
13560 East McNichols
Detroit, MI  48205
Phone: 313-526-4000 ext. 1319
We’re excited to announce that we and our National office have lifted the requirements
of our Matrix Ways to Work program to include employee’s without children! Ways to Work
provides low-interest loans to help people buy a car to strengthen their self-sufficiency and
improve their quality of life. Having a car is not a luxury, it’s often a necessity. In order to get
and keep a job, you’ve got to be able to go to where job opportunities are located, show up
on time and also juggle family responsibilities. Public transportation can’t always meet those
needs. In addition, paying off the car loan helps people improve their credit record, which is
a critical step in attaining financial stability.
Our new requirements! Spread the word!
Continuously employed for six (6) months / Possess a valid Michigan Driver’s License
Bankruptcies (if any) must be discharged / Limited or no credit alternatives
Geographical resident of Wayne, Macomb, and Oakland counties
Household income no greater than 80% of area’s median income
Demonstrated ability and desire to pay
If you are ready to take the next step and participate in our program; we need you to attend
Financial Orientation. Call to see when the next scheduled orientation is!

Volunteers of America Michigan
Administrative Office: 
21415 Civic Center Drive  Suite 306
Southfield, MI   48076
Phone:  248-945-0101
V.O.A. Auto Sales
618 E. Walton
Pontiac, MI   48340
Phone:  248-2091031
Cars donated to Volunteers of America are sold at a low-cost to low-income people
who need them and the money raised is used to fund Volunteers of America's programs.
Prices are below typical pricing and negotiable. Veterans also receive a special discount.

Mother Waddles Car Donation 
21501 W. 8 Mile Road
Detroit,  MI   48219
Phone:  313-WADDLES (313-923-3537)
Please be aware that there is a "copy-cat" organization that uses Mother Waddles
name and organization info....this is the original organization!

Charity Motors
Administrative Office:
407 Wekiva Springs Road  #201
Longwood, FL  43779
Phone:  800-242-7489
10431 Grand River Avenue (between Livernois & Oakman
Detroit,  MI   48219
Phone:  313-255-1000
Used car auction held Saturdays at noon.  Register the week before, M-S from 9 a.m.
to 5 p.m.  Need to bring proof of income and valid driver's license. Charity Motors
accepts vehicles for donation and sells them AS IS to low-income individuals and
others in need of transportation. Vehicles are available for sale to qualifying individuals
at cost ranging from $100 to $1000.
Individuals who qualify may also be eligible for a further reduction in cost, depending
on income...... families can get a 50% price reduction!

St. Vincent De Paul
3000 Gratiot
Detroit,  MI  48207
Phone:  313-393-2930  OR  877-788-4623
Has car for more information!

Oakland Livingston Human Service Agency
Central Office:
196 Cesar E. Chavez Avenue
PO Box 430598
Pontiac, MI  48343-0598
Phone:  248-209-2600
South Office:
345 E. Nine Mile Road
Ferndale, MI  48220
Phone:  248-542-5860
Livingston County:
2300 E. Grand River Avenue   #107
Howell, MI  48843
Phone:  517-546-8500
Helps with car repairs for Oakland County residents

Friends In Deed        
1196 Ecorse Road
Ypsilanti, MI  48198
Phone:  734-484-4357
We Pass on Used Cars for Free!
We also accept car donations so that we can pass on reliable transportation
to an individual or family in need. The car must be used to get to work or medical

​Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan
1921 W. Michigan Ave.
Ypsilanti MI  48197
Phone: 734-544-0015  OR 800-482-3041
The Emergency Financial Assistance Program is available to consumers who find themselves
in a temporary financial emergency. The funds can be accessed for such items as food, utility
bills, rent, and car repair for individuals whose bleeding disorder impacts their income.
For those affected by hemophilia, von Willebrand, other coagulation disorders, hepatitis,
HIV or AIDS and whose bleeding disorder impacts their income. 
Grant Assistance is dependent on:
Severity of the need
Ability of applicant to change his/her financial standing
Status of the Financial Aid Fund
Applicant must not have received financial aid from HFM in the past twelve months.
Requests may come directly from the applicant or from the applicant's hemophilia treatment

Chaldean Community Foundation
30095 Northwestern Highway    Suite 101
Farmington Hills, MI  48334
Phone: 248-851-1200
3601 15 Mile Road
Sterling Heights, MI  48310
Phone: 586-722-7253
Chaldean Loan Fund
Provides low-interest loans to help refugees purchase a car
(Funded entirely  through community donations).


Auto Zone
Phone: 248-960-4212  OR your local store
Auto Zone provides the use of tools needed to make your own auto repairs as well
as instructions. A returnable deposit is required to check out tools. Check it out on
their website under "Repair Help".
If the "Check engine light" is ON, AutoZone employees will do a free scan of the diagnostic
port and give you a printout of the fault codes. They will also check batteries, starters and
alternators for you.


If you are a D.H.S. client OR qualify to receive help from them, see the information
at the top of this webpage!

Tone Up for Tune Ups   
Covenant Presbyterian Church
21575 W. Ten Mile Road
Southfield, MI  48075
Southfield Residents Only - One time assistance with car repairs
    1.  Official letter from employer giving proof you are working at least 20 hours per week
    2.  2 quotes from licensed auto mechanics
    3.  Letter explaining your circumstances and why you need help with your car repairs
For more information contact: Rhonda Terry at Southfield Human Services 248-796-4542  

Utica United Methodist Church              
8650 Canal Road  
Sterling Heights, MI  48134
Phone: 586-731-4490 ext 230 to schedule a time
The Free Oil Change Opportunity is available for those individuals without any requirement
for them other than to respond by scheduling and keeping an appointment on the day the
Free Oil Changes are available, typically on the last Saturday in September, each year.


Many local Colleges, High-School and Technical Schools/Consortiums have
programs where the Students work on cars to get the experience they need! 
Call around to your local schools and you may very well find a FREE or very
low-cost program to take advantage of and provide needed learning experiences
for students!

Not sure if your mechanic is giving you a fair estimate?  Head to,
where you can compare the quote to industry standards.  Just enter the make and
model of your car, as well as your location, and the free site gives you a reasonable
fee range, breaking it down by parts and labor.  That way you can sure you're getting
the best deal!

Log on to where you can ask a question and get an answer from
a certified auto mechanic.  Response time varies but for a small donation (any amount
you choose), your question will be answered within 24 hours. OR log on to
and list how much you want  to pay for the advice and you're get a response, often
within minutes, from a certified mechanic.

There are car problems that only the pros should repair BUT many others such
as replacing oil, headlights, air filters and hoses, can be done in your own driveway
without any prior auto-repair knowledge.  For easy-to-follow instructions, go to
and search for the repair you need and you'll instantly get full details describing how
to do it yourself!


See if your area has a business like this!

Parts Galore
East Side:
11360 E. 8 Mile
Detroit, MI   48205
Phone: 313-245-2944
West Side:
5970 W. Warren
Detroit, MI  48210
Phone: 313-361-6764
14533 Telegraph Road
Flat Rock MI 48134
Phone: 734-782-3347
Bring your own tools and remove the parts from a selection of 2,500 vehicles.
Must be 16 or over!
Also has a "Big Truck" Section featuring commercial trucks, one-ton and larger,
including stake trucks, dump trucks, cube vans, RV's and semi-trucks. 


TIRE EXPRESS    (New and Used Tires)
Main Administrative Number: 734-799-2884
5 Locations!
24599 Gibraltar Road
Flat Rock, MI   48134
Phone:  734-783-0100
27375 Eureka Road
Taylor, MI   48180
Phone:  734-799-1283
15915 Woodward Ave.
Highland Park, MI   48203
Phone:  313-305-3522

Ecorse, MI
8022 Livernois
Detroit, MI  48204

Discount Tires
30720 W. 12 Mile Rd.     (Orchard Lake and 12 Mile)   
Farmington Hill, MI  48334
Phone:  248- 737-7812
A good place to take cars for service and they might give clients used tires for free.



You can find crash-test results
and rollover ratings on almost
any make and model of cars
dating back to 1990 at

You can also check this site
for Vehicle Recalls!
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